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I'm a former Primerica representative and I feel that it is necessary to clear my conscience and tell the world about the horrible experience I had in the company. Back in 2012 I was approached by a guy who's saw my resume on an online job site. He told me that he had this awesome opportunity to show me so I made an appointment to go to his office. This is in Springfield Illinois. At first everybody was real nice to me. They sucked up to the big time and told me what a winner I was. These people are real good blowing smoke up people's ***.

So anyway, I decided to join then and there. It was the biggest mistake I've ever made my life. The first thing they did is asked me for my friends and relatives on a list. They said would make two or three sales and then after that I would be paid the commission on everything else. What happened was the RV P totally screwed me out of my entire market. By the time he was done with me, and I had nobody left to call. Everyone who bought a policy did so out of pity. They thought they were helping me out, instead all that money went up to my upline managers.

These people are the biggest bunch of fakes and phonies ever. All they care about is themselves in screwing people out of the most money possible. They talk a lot of Christian talk. But that's nothing but a scam too.

My advice for anyone who is the investigating this nonsense is to run as far away as possible from Primerica. Don't answer their calls. Don't respond to their emails or their texts. They don't deserve your courtesy, they're total *** bags. This company is completely saturated and whatever opportunity once existed is now long gone. Maybe if I had joined back in 1981 there would be some opportunity left. But that's not the case anymore. You'd be better off trying to sell Amway Products to old ladies than to try to make any money with this garbage.

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48 of 253 Primerica reviews

Jan 05 #1266248 Spring, Texas, United States

The people who are most upset with Primerica are the same people who most expected to get something for nothing. Using the amount you spent to start a business as a way to say a business doesn't work is only valid if it doesn't work for anyone. Money has no personality and no work ethic. Some people don't either.

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Nov 09, 2016 #1238798

If you cant talk to people its not right for you but what all these people are saying is bull *** I know many people who can actually talk to others, where this has changed there life. We help people mot buy cash value life insurance because why buy 300$/Month Life insurance when you don't need it for life we help people buy term which is cheap and even more coverage if you believe these comments its ok bc there are primericas who are helping people and becoming wealthy ;)

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Aug 12, 2016 #1198201 Columbia, South Carolina, United States

I started at Primerica in 1998 - by 1999 I had spent $1395 to get a couple of licenses. My commissions amounted to about $10.00. I believe I got paid about .0025 of the revenue generated by my sales. (In later years in my career I found the normal payout on generated revenue is anywhere from 25% to 35%. (None of my uplines were able to tell me exactly how the revenue was paid out - whether they didn't know or just didn't want to share, I'm not sure). I found myself going to meetings and feeling sick - I knew there was something wrong, but couldn't figure it out. The deception, the fake "Christian" theme, the people who were "successful" and could not even read a paragraph out of a magazine. It was bad.
At the time I was working full time as a commercial property manager. I knew a few people in the financial services industry. I began to ask questions about how to get started full time - and was hired by Merrill Lynch. Who paid for the rest of my investment licenses and actually paid me a salary. It's not an easy field to work in, and there is so much to learn - but neither is it rocket science. I am now 67 and working four days a week in the field doing client services - no sales. I've worked in a credit union, in banks; in sales and sales assistant roles. It's been a great career for me. I think the worse thing for me in looking back on the Primerica experience is the lack of understanding about the financial markets, and mutual funds in general, that
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Feb 29, 2016 #1120141

If you all guys think you are right of what you are complaining. What don't you SUE them and prove it your not wrong and really got scam and try to prove them they are a scammer. You may probably collect more if you prove yourself right. Let the Justice prevail but not just a comment so it will be fair by the real judgment.

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Feb 18, 2016 #1114166 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Please help I live in Quebec and a sales person for Primerica tricked me into signing a contract in French it was a loan so I could invest 30k into resps. I no longer can afford the interest and they told me Im locked in for 8 years. I need out or I will go bankrupt. Is there a way out? Please help

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Mar 08, 2015 #955452 New York, New York, United States

I really didn't have any problems with primerica. I have my own mind I didn't see them as a cult, no one tried to take my money. I have health problems and they worked with my schedule. I earned my license and was able to make sales had no problems getting my check. I sadly did have to leave the company because my condition got worse. If they are guilty of anything its of being a bit aggressive with recruiting but since it is a business based on recruiting I can't really complain.

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Primerica is a really bad iade

Nov 03, 2014 #894777

I was recruited into the Primerica cult who offered me a their fake job. I was working closely with the RVP, giving training and mentoring others. I was very good at using the mind control techniques to recruit new members.
Eventually I could take no more of the lies, deception and poor treatment and I left. Shortly afterwards, I realized that I had been in a cult and I worked with a psychologist to undo the mind control.
The best way to help a friend in Primerica to start thinking for themselves is to learn yourself how mind control and cults work so that you can talk to them in such a way that they are willing to listen.
And it's useful to learn to listen so that they feel comfortable talking to you about their doubts and fears about the group.
Primerica members learn 'thought-stopping' techniques such as chanting, tricks to change the topic of conversation etc. so they do not have to listen to criticism of the group or leader. These can be very frustrating because it means there is no way to get through to the member if you don't know how to deal with them.
Primerica will be quite aggressive in attacking the person doing the criticism. This is because Primerica typically 'teach' that outsiders are wrong, bad, dangerous, ***, or mad and that they are to blame. It can be very difficult for parents or friends when a Primerica member starts to treat them as inferior in some way, or unimportant, or even as an enemy! Dealing with these beliefs can be very tricky
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Dec 08, 2016 #1252272

this *** is funny lol listening to a bunch of losers

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Glad I said NO to PFS

Nov 02, 2014 #894402

I agree with everything the original poster says here. Primerica is indeed a huge scam. The people defending it are all part of the cult. The are brainwashed zombies who are hoping for the Primerica dream themselves. Primerica sucks, pure and simple. It's either a pyramid scheme for losers who can't find a real career, or for middle-aged recession victims who are super desparate. This isn't a legitimate financial services company. Think "Amway for insurance". The whole idea of paying for a sales position which is nothing more than a glorified recruiting sceme is absurd.
Nobody respects these people. They are notorious liars and anyone who trys this job will instantly lose the respect of their freinds and family. Many will lose friends for life because of this. You will be forever labeled a loser unfortunately. Primerica has to be one of, if not the most dislikes companies in the U.S. Their online reviews prove that. Hope this helps.

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Hot blonde

Oct 16, 2014 #885363

Sorry about your experience, but I don't think your smart enough to sell dog bones to a dog, the company is based on recruiting, not selling life insurance that comes with recruting! You to can get overides, by moving up in the company. Did your brain take a vacation, your just a dumb ***, that probably did not go to the training meeting! They don't need idiots like you anyway! It's up to you how much you make! Go get a f****** job at McDonald's. God bless america! You dumbbell! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 10, 2014 #913816

When you call someone a dumb *** and insult them you should make sure you don't appear like an ***. You should know the difference between your and you're. The swearing is a real nice touch too!

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Jun 16, 2015 #995602

I was a former representative of Primerica and I was licensed in life insurance and my series 6. I came into the company for the opportunity to sell investments and learn the trade.
I quickly learned after visiting my contact list that referrals are the life line. You should never leave a meeting without a couple of referrals. Unfortunately for me I'm not exactly a people person and couldn't make enough money to stay in the business.
The company is looked down upon by the majority of people in the business world. I talked with bankers, lawyers and doctors for my businesd and not your average citizen. Overrall I had to defend the company and reassure customers their moneys going into a mutual fund and not directly into primerica or my pocket,

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Aug 22, 2016 #1202038 Garland, Texas, United States

You do not respond with correct grammar. You also have a bad representation as a primerica employee. You are very immature by the response you give. Please go back to basic core classes in college and try again. You look pathetic.

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Smart Primerica Lady

Aug 08, 2014 #853327

It's ok to join Primerica, it's a good, solid company. BUT! When you join Primerica, DO NOT GIVE ANYBODY YOUR LIST OF CONTACTS! You do not have a life insurance license when you first join Primerica so you cannot sell, you cannot get paid. If you don't know any better, a recruiter will take your list of family and friends and make the sales (if any). The recruiter will keep the commission because you are not licensed to sell or receive commissions. However, you DO NOT NEED to give anybody your list before you get your license. They can't do anything to you if you don't give them the list.
Yes, I joined Primerica but I REFUSED and STILL REFUSE to give my list to my recruiter. He has asked me for it several times, I told him that I won't give it. He keeps asking for it and I say I'm working on it but, in reality, I'm working on getting my license. I used my brain, I did my research online and saw dozens of complaints about how recruiters take people's list of contacts, so I did not give mine up. I just won't do it.
When I get MY life insurance license, I will make MY sales and keep MY commissions, NOT my recruiter. I have set up MY Primerica account so that MY commissions will be deposited directly into MY bank account.
Primerica's corporate office needs to find a way to stop this nonsense being done by the recruiters. I don't have a problem with the company's services. The services are legal and government regulated, that's why you need a license from your state to
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Jun 05, 2014 #824136

It's funny to see most of the complaints leave out the same material details in the story. Here's what probably happened. Our poster joins, fills out their market list (which he would keep), sets some meetings, decides getting licensed is too difficult or changes their mind, pending business rolls up to recruiter. It works the same way in any company. If a personal banker quits at Chase they don't give all the accounts to the guy that just quit as a free-agent.
The disdain is rather boggling. You wanted your friends and family to be taken care of when you thought you were going to make money off them, then when you quit you don't want them to get their financial house in order? They shouldn't have the right protection, get out of debt, and set themselves up for retirement? Seems like you really only cared about making money off them and are upset someone else did when you quit. Leaving out material information also shows you're trying to hide the truth to make your side of the story more presentable. Were you licensed? Why is your RVP calling your market? That's just like cold-calling out of a phonebook and does the company no good. How were people "screwed" out of money? You really have to try hard (and get around compliance watchdogs) to do the wrong thing for someone in this industry. It just doesn't add up and I'm sure the details would paint a different story.
I wish you the best of luck and hope you find something that makes you happy.

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May 20, 2014 #817295

Boy it's too bad you only had 3 friends and you lost your whole market ?? To make money: 1) You have to have a license 2) You have to provide a product or service. Before you can help anyone you have to be trained...It's amazing how people who don't want to work...cry about it later...what do you want?... A paycheck for nothing ? Well go get a job at the US Post Office.

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May 21, 2014 #817560 Stafford, Virginia, United States

Hey ws, why don't you post your results with Primerica on here. Show the whole world how great you are. You can't. Why? Because you're just like all the Primerica goons, you talk a good game but the only thing that counts is $$$. Primerica sucks. It's saturated and the whole deal is set up to reward the SNSDs and NSDs that got in 25+ years ago. You're an ***.

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