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by Shayna B Izo #109819

How can I get a refund.

I made two attempts at ordering tickets online and neither purchase showed it was successful instead the app referred me back to the Home Screen showing no tickets had been purchased and I had no pending tickets either. So I went and bought tickets in person at the concession about 20 minutes into the movie I received 2 emails about with the tickets that had supposedly not gone through on the app.

I am wondering how I can get a refund because I now owe $40 on tickets that were never used and I hadn’t received until I was already in the movie theatre watching the movie. I reached out to the theatre this took place at and was told they were unable to help but could give me courtesy tickets which would have been fine except I don’t live near a premiere cinema.

I’m in the military and just got stationed in Dover Delaware. Is there anyway to get my refund for the 4 late and unused tickets?

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