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I would normally never make such a public post, however, I made it quite clear to the local business owner of POOLWERKS in Bartonville today that my experience in her store today would be public notice to our community.

I tried their pool service when they 1st opened this summer because I support and promote our local business owners.

I canceled my service within the 1st 3 weeks.

Every week it was one excuse after another why Services couldnt be completed.

The 1st was technician did not load salt on his truck for his route.

After speaking with Darlene, the owner, she proceeded to tell me the technician was her daughters boyfriend and that he really doesnt like his job and would probably not be there long.

After speaking with Poolwerks corporate office, I was told anyone can open a Poolwerks franchise and that they do not have to have any experience in Pool service knowledge or needs.

Darlene herself said she only had about six months of Pool knowledge.

Whoa, red flag !

I canceled before my 1st month was even up.

After a few berating and unprofessional conversations with her, my service was cancelled and she demanded I owed for materials and technician time on the clock.

Well, you know that was not going to happen.

The franchise manager spoke to her and said he would try and coach her into better business protocol and customer service handlings.

That brings us to today.

I normally go to Leslies Pool Supply weekly to get my water tested. However, I was on my way into Kroger and just stopped into Poolwerks for a water test because I was so close.

Upon arrival I was greeted with a hello and you need a water test? from the counter and proceeded to tell her my name.. I hear Darlene say from behind her daughter who works the counter, it will be $5 dollars for a water test. I thought she was teasing me and I said $5 dollars for a free water test? Thats funny and smiled it off.

Nope. She wasnt teasing me. She proceeded to tell me, you owe me $150+ dollars for a month a service, so do you want to continue water test?

At that point she started arguing with me in front of my 9 year old daughter and I grabbed my cell phone and started recording her behavior, because she was so disrespectful and quite threatening. She told her counter help daughter to call the police.

IN FRONT OF MY 9 year old!

Oooh I was so pissed, slightly fearful and embarrassed that my daughter had to witness that kind of behavior in a local business establishment!

I immediately called the corporate number and reported the event.

When I get home from Kroger, fuming as all get out, there is a text on my phone from HER!

I guess she was trying to cover her *** because she threw out all kinds of legal mumbo jumbo crap and continued to text me a few more times stating harassment and legal consequences!

I simply said, keep texting, youre only proving your lack of professional and disrespect.

There are 10 consumer right websites and social media feeds that I plan on sharing this despicable and embarrassing event too.

It may take me a while to gather all the documents, emails and texts corespondent from her and Poolwerks corporate offices, but I will reach every single one.

No one should be treated the way I was treated today and over this summer. Zero tolerance for this.

With much respect to my Argyle and surrounding communities, I hope my insistence on professionalism and plain respect is heard and maybe you wont have to experience having the police called on you in front of your children.

PoolWerx National Support Office

User's recommendation: Do not tolerate a disrespectful business.

Poolwerx Cons: 100.

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