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After breaking my glass table on my deck, point pickup denied responsibility. saying it wasnt there fault.

but clearly it was after they placed a bunch of bags of canned goods on my glass top table flipping it and breaking it... he said they wernt responsible like two months after the incident. so i had to contact walmart ceo offices.. witch is a job in itself.

to file a claim. then i get a letter from point pickup saying they will settle for 125. i sent them back a reply to the email.. whitch i didnt see for like a few months because they sent it to the wrong e mail.

so it has been over a week still nothing, so i had to call walmart again. he gave me the name and the number to the one handling it. waiting on her to call me now.. this is ridiculous.

point pickup is a joke.. pray you never have a problem with them.

User's recommendation: watch them carfully.

Location: Rochester, New York

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