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Being a single, working mom means my family qualifies for state medical. And while I hate using it, my pride isnt more important than my childrens health.

Unfortunately, being on state medical means there arent many dentists to choose from, as most do not accept that insurance. The offices that do accept it tend to be not the best.

So I had to find a new dentist for my kids because since the pandemic even more offices have stopped accepting state. Set up their appointments and on the day of - got them out of school and arrived 15 minutes early. When I set up their appointments the lady told me not to worry if a confirmation text didnt come - because sometimes they dont.

Okay, no text no problem.

When we arrive I notice the sign stating that everyone must wear masks so I ask for masks to put on, but as Im looking around no one is wearing a mask. I ask if the rule is enforced and she says yes but staff doesnt have to wear bcuz of plexiglass? Great - so Im watching the doc interact with a bunch of people refusing masks. Funny thing, after the issue started - most of the staff did put on a mask.

The girl working the desk cant find our appointments.

I didnt realize this bcuz she was professional and explained there was a problem, but bcuz she kept looking at me then going to talk to her boss - then her boss would look at me and they would whisper some more. After a few minutes of this I began recording on my phone bcuz I could tell something was off.

The girl comes back with no explanation, just a we will still see you. Doesnt mention the time or anything, but has full profiles of my children that were set up when I made the appointments. So I ask her what happened to their appointments - again she explains nothing and just looks at her manager who tells me that a change of staff dropped the appointments but its okay.

Except its not. They are being extremely unprofessional, dismissive, and refusing to even acknowledge the issue so I ask her if she thinks its okay that I took my kids out of school and the appointment isnt even there? She basically tells me I cant question this and I tell her thats okay Im recording it.

This upset her. She begins calling for people and telling me to leave.

I tell her I will leave, but I will also report their business and I go to my car to make a list of places I need to call or file a report. Then the doctor - (male) comes outside, approaching my car. I am not sure how this is appropriate at all - just more unprofessionalism. Following a woman to her car after she has left willingly seems like hes harassing me.

Was his point to intimidate me? So I recorded him too and let him know how terrible his staff is and that his response is no better. He claimed he wanted to fix the problem, but I told him I didnt want any of them touching my kids at this point and that we would never be back.

I had to raise my voice and be disrespectful for him to walk away - at which point he thought it would be okay to touch my door and close it bcuz I guess hes entitled to follow me and decide if my car door is opened or closed.

Do not take your children here. Not only will it possibly waste your time, but the last thing you want your doctor to be is unprofessional and on a power trip.

User's recommendation: Stay away!

Location: Vancouver, Washington

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