Pioneer Marketing is NOT a scam...Pioneer marketing is a company who does direct marketing...but there are things they do that falsely advertises all the positions they post.

Pioneer marketing claims to offer GREAT opportunities within the company, but when I searched through the website and EVERYWHERE on google (and i'm good at finding things on google), it doesnt talk about what kind of potential you can get in the company. It says the company has been growing fast,yet the company is not noted on any business publications or recognized articles about the company's growth within 10 years.

When I went on the first interview, a girl, who I'm assuming is an assistant manager, did not even want to tell me about what I would be doing in the company. She kept on saying "all info will be given @ the 2nd interview". I know you know the economy isn't doing well right now, no one has time to play games and hope they get the golden ticket out of the chocolate candy bar. People are really looking for jobs and want the straight truth and facts. We don't want the over exaggerated truth, or the tampered-with facts. Anyways, I got offered a 2nd interview the same day, yet they told me they wouldn't tell me where it is until the next day a couple of hours before the interview. (yea...wierd right?) My interview was literally an hour away from where I live, but that's not the worst part...the worst part was that my interview was in Sam's club, and I'm dressed in a nice business professional attire walking and talking around this HUGE wholesale store with people looking at me like I'm the CEO.(I was kinda uncomfortable).

I met with a girl and she's been working for the company for almost 1 year. Really nice honest girl. She's personable, bright, bubbly and great at what she does. I really appreciated watching her sell the makeup products to the customers and not getting offended by the no's. When I spoke with her, she told me she's been trying to work up to an Assistant Manager. I could tell she was tired and done being a trainer and working full time on her feet at COSTCO. She even said she was ready to move up, and still working to prove herself...that's dedication. She talked to me more about the company and what they do. When I applied to Pioneer marketing, I applied for the Event planning/Marketing position. I asked her, so what does the Event Planner do. She said, " We set up nice booths are Sam's Club or Costco and put out marketing material and out black aprons and market the product we're doing for the week."....Pause-----Crickets---- I'm sorry....you call that event planning?.... Try Planning out the LA marathon or the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer awareness charity...then come back to this job and tell me how you feel and if you still think giving out samples and makeup at a store is event planning. I didn't know people were bold enough to make their own definitions these days...yet re-write them.

Towards the end of the interview, she sat me down and told me the base pay is $8.00/ plus 20% commission ....yet they're only hiring people with a college degree and beyond?...how insulting to my $40,000 college education and degree... $8.00 an hour can't even pay the gas you have me using to travel around California...oh folks btw...she said you WILL be traveling more then 50 miles out sometimes... SAY WHAT? O_o...so how many sausages and makeups so I need to sell again? I'm sorry...my hands and brain was made to do more than this simpleton work....you shouldve got me when I was in highschool...$8.00 hr then was good money. lol

Let me break it down to how they view these positions...

1) Event Planner- What these people think to be an event planner is NOT an event planner...and I really hope the training manager or the Assistant Manager see's this post. Setting up a booth and putting promo samples on the table, which takes a set up time of 10 minutes, does NOT qualify you to label yourself an event planner.

2) Customer Service/Marketing

THIS is what they should REALLY call this position...it's all customer service and marketing..and if you sell enough and stay with the company long enough, you will eventually get an office job! LOL that's what the girl told me at Costco....she was super excited for an office job, and kept talking about all the traveling and "sitting down" they get to do.

If this is what you want to do, and don't mind working for the small pay then GO FOR IT! Someone has to do it right? :) If you have a college degree and you need the money and you feel like you have no other option...then try it for a few months...search for a good pay worthy job...then dump it...I would hate to think college graduates are working for little to nothing. :)

So Good luck to everyone out there...beware of any job postings that say entry level marketing/event planning that offer GREAT career opportunities within the company. Always check the website, reviews and call to ask questions. If they hesitate then walk away.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Then if they are pioneers such great marketing practices how do they 10 years later still only have 340 Facebook likes? That does not seem odd???


Pioneer is a scam...

Beware of company!

Try to make you believe that you can climb up the ladder, but the next step is not even a promotion.


I believe the writer here is telling the truth because I had a very similar experience with pioneerla .....they are Sam club & Costco sampling employers. Employees working with pioneerla are just sales models not event planners.......


Thank you! really helpful info. Now i dont have to waste my time/gas with them.


Watch out! Pioneer marketing in now in San Diego under the direction of a very unprofessional girl (though with high hopes and aspirations to one day become more, I am sure) and under the name Boom Marketing Inc. I would recommend passing up too-good-to-be-true job offers from them.