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Previously I wrote a great review for this guy, but now I must revise. So the beauty of having the surgery there was that it was done at the hospital and I could stay 3 days after it.

At first everything looked perfect, but as the swelling of the breasts decreased, I realized I made a mistake. I went to him JUST to exchange my implants because a mammogram showed some leaking, nothing more nothing less. But he started saying that the precious surgeon made a lot of mistakes and he was going to fix them. I said ok, what the heck for the same price why not?

At the second post op visit I mentioned that I started to notice that my breasts were hollow at the cleavage side and he replied Im not concerned about that so I thought, ok its going to go away. It did not it got worse. I specifically asked him to place the implants under the muscle, just like I had them. When I mentioned to him that I believed he placed them above the muscle (Im 63 this is my 4th breast surgery so I know), he pretended to go over his notes and he lied to me saying that they were under.

I have those notes they say NOTHING about the placement of the implants. Faced again with the same question few months later he admitted he placed them above, saying that he had no choice and casually letting me know that his wife is a lawyer now the hollow of my breast is horrible and he tried to say it was because my age, but I was the same age as now when I got the surgery done by him! He tried to throw some remedies like pumping some fat into the hollow part. But I really dont think I want him to do anything else also because at the last visit I was talking to him about liposuction and he told me I dont think I can do anything more to you, you have expectations too high for me wow!!!

Also he tried to tell me that he had so many problems with the surgery, that the implants were broken, but two times I asked him if there was a lot of leakage around the old implants and both times he told me he saw NONE!!! I asked myself, if you saw that the implants were intact (as stated in his notes) why did he changed them??? Note very honest, right? I really wanted for him to be excellent because I want to do more, now I have to find another surgeon, which is very hard.

I just want everyone to know this and than make a decision. There are other red flags (breasts implants was not the only procedure I have done with him) but Im not going to write a book. I have to say that I had some injections done by Melinda there and she was fantastic, almost no pain but shes not there anymore. Look at the pic, does it look like I just has a wonderful breast surgery?

It look horrible when I lie down and I little weird when I stand up. Evry time I brought up this, he always came out with more exuses, the last one was that our chest if nor flat it curves at the sides. Fine, my chest was the same before he operated on me and my breasts did not fall under my armpits!

Also, the other day, I went in because he had to revise my eyelid sirgery, he left some fat behind and had to fix that. They did not tell me what to do afterwards, he just told me put some eyes, Later on at home I sent them a pic of my swollen eyes and only than they say to wash it twice a day with Dial and sent a prescription for some cream.

Sure I had the eyelid surgery, therefore they presumed I knew what to do with the revision? I guess after I complained about my breasts they he just did not care anymore. Ah Also, his stuff is very nice, but he manners are always like he has something better to do than be talking to you. Maybe he is a little better the first time he sees you for a consultation (he wants the money) but aster that...

no bedside manners...

Lets not even talk about the scars (which supposed to be his forte! That scar is after 9 months from the surgery and I scar extremely well!

User's recommendation: don't go to him.

Location: Miami, Florida

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