Dont come here! They judge you, they are condescending and a waste of time.

I went there to get my dog shots and had explained to them prior she was matted and a little late for her shots due to hardship and me losing my job. They keep asking do you need to talk about anything as if they are therapist or as if Im endangering my *** dog thats Ive had for 6 years! Ive never had such a bad experience somewhere. They need to realize you dont know what is going on in peoples lives.

My dog mattes very easily and since it had only been a few months it just got extra matted.

Then I find out they tried to call animal control on me which is ridiculous go get a life and find ppl on the street with dogs that are actually in danger! Im glad I decided to go back to my original vet because you guys are the worst!

Location: Long Beach, California

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