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I went to the kiosk and asked politely how I could apply for a smart card. Woman at the counter asked me to repeat myself and then barked at me "you want one?" I replied that I did.

She shoved a brochure at me and told me to get on with it myself. I see in the brochure that the card inside can be activated at the kiosk The woman behind the counter is unable or unwilling to help me. It was 9am on a Thursday morning and the store was quiet. There were no other customers at the counter.

There were 3 store clerks. A week later I went back there and asked nicely if I could have a lighter. This same woman asked me 3 times to repeat myself. She had an audience of 2 behind the counter and she was clearly playing to the gallery.

They were all laughing.

I am just an ordinary white woman pensioner with no disabilities but these people were intent on bullying me. I have never in my life been cruel or rude to anyone.

User's recommendation: Demand to see the manager. Demand that this woman should be told that she could actually be expected to do some work in return for her salary. Or just go to Checkers. i live midway between them and Checkers have better quality meat and veg at lower prices.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

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