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Where do I begin? First, their ads are misleading in terms of what they offer and how much it costs.

The ordering process is sketchy as they don't reveal that much about what you're ordering until after you pay. I ordered a 3D animated logo (based on what I saw on their Facebook page) and was not given the option to select the silver w/ black background (as shown in a video on the FB page). I inquired about it and was informed AFTER THE FACT, that it only comes in gold with a navy background. Ugh!

That was disappointing but at least they refunded that portion of my order.

Next, I finally get my order a WEEK later (they advertise that you can get a logo for $39.99 in three days, but I paid $49.99 and waited seven. The expedited 3-day option was at an extra cost -so FALSE advertising). Anyway, a week later I received the most boring logo I could have ever imagined. I really wanted to love it so I could get on with finishing my project but I could not believe what I just paid for was nothing any more special than what I could have achieved by simply buying a font.

The process for requesting a revision is that you have to fill out an online form and submit it. Well, the 'Submit' button did not work on their website. I accessed the chat feature to notify them of the issue. I again accessed the chat feature and included the information that I attempted to submit on the form (in case they could pass that along to the designer).

That was September 3rd. It is currently September 9th and I still have not heard back from them.

Consequently, in the interim, I also reached out to them via Facebook messenger, who then informed me there was nothing that could do, and that I should email support. So, that is what I did. Support again never replied.

I reached out on FB again and got a canned response that my email was received and someone would get back to me. Well, again, they NEVER did. I went through this circle of lies with them for the next several days. Apparently, the entire support team must have been abducted by aliens and will never return to Earth again.

This morning, as a last-ditch effort, I reached out to a "Customer Experience Manager" on LinkedIn, but I have very little confidence anything will get resolved.

This is the worst example of customer service I have ever experienced.

My only resort at this time is to file a dispute with my credit card company and get a refund of my money. This is a level of absurdity that just boggles my mind.

User's recommendation: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Photologo Pros: Seem to offer a nice looking product.

Photologo Cons: Terrible non-existent customer service.

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