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We have been lied too, blamed for the ants that we complained about a week after we moved in, and have been treated very poorly by management.

Rather than just fix an issue, they argue with you about it. We still don't have a fully functioning stove after 3 months of bringing it to their attention and it took 4 months and multiple arguments about who was at fault for a non-working thermostat.

We live in the Westview complex and the grounds are not taken care of at all.

The building is not kept up at all. The siding is falling off on the rooftop deck and they won't fix it.

It took 6 months of calling and sending emails to get the directory updated with our names, and then they spelled it incorrectly, and that is still not fixed.

They attempted to pull us into a smear campaign against one of the neighbors and have harassed her so much that she is leaving. They did this due to the low amount of her lease and the fact they couldn't raise it $1000 at one time to bring it up to what they say is fair market value.

It is Section 8 housing which we were not informed of, otherwise we would not have signed a lease, but it does explain the trash being left around by some of the other tennents and their less than social behavior. We did not know we were moving into a such a trashy building.

We know all about the mental and physical issues the person in charge of the building has when we shouldn't know anything about her personal life but that is how she excuses herself from her duties and responsibility.

When we have brought up any issue regarding anything, the manager goes right too, 'well you're welcome to leave and we will let you out of the lease'.

Seems like it would be easier to just fix the issues.

I would not recommend this management company to anyone who owns a property and wants it to be professionally managed.

We have been told by the manager that they can't keep employees and I understand why. These types of issues start with the leadership.

We love our view and the semi private rooftop deck but that is the only plus.

User's recommendation: Find something with better management unless you are able to deal with very poor customer service.

Location: Bellevue, Washington

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