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Bought Paula Deen expandable wooden linen colored diningroom table. Within a month the paint on the top of the table began coming off, not chipping, but peeling off.

Comes off on palms, when cleaning table with soft damp sponge, gets into food, on floor. Put in leaves, and same happens to those too, not just isolated to one section of table. Now our table looks like a distressed table, and at the rate the paint peels off, will have a stripped wooden top instead of white. Am concerned about what is in paint, if it could be unhealthy and affecting our health.

Worst experience of painted furniture ever. We have painted furniture from pottery Barn, crate and barrel, and Land of Nod -- never experience like this.

Can't wait to replace, but I paid upwards of $2,000 for this table. Debra

Location: 108 West Congress Street, Savannah, GA 31401

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Extremely disappointed that Paula Dean's company takes no responsibility for this nor even responds. Years later, the paint continues to come off on the sides, top and legs.

I think people should be alerted to this. It just occurred to me to contact the BBB. Also, perhaps I will take the paint chips to have it analyzed for lead. I have two kids at home.

Anyone have any idea as to how to contact this company and get a response? I don't have $ right now to replace, except get a used table on NextDoor and have to pay to get rid of this thing.

Sad thing is it's such a pretty table otherwise and we need one this big. :(.


I have the dark wood version (stained) and it’s been a nightmare as well. It looks like the top is covered in smudges that won’t come off and feels tacky to the touch and dust sticks to it.

The leaves did the same. No issues with the server.

Table looks absolutely horrible! Very disappointing.

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