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If i could leave Zero stars I would! I arrived about 5 minutes early.

Being one of the first clients to walk in. I had a 10am apt and had requested a 2nd stage student. I work night shift and went after getting off work thinking it wouldn't be 5 hours to get my hair done and back home for bed. Wrong!!

Waited about 20 min for a student to come get me. That was not a big deal though. I then pulled up several photos after the student asked me what I was wanting. I told her for the past 14 years my daughter had been the only one that was doing my hair.

She is now very ill and can no longer do it. I thought since I had gone to another Hair school in the past before my daughter took over this would be a great idea. My Daughter only used Paul Mitchel products so she wrote down EXACTLY what products and the process she does my hair with. Upon showing this to the student she seemed confused and got the instructor.

The instructor seemed to understand and started explaining the process in a way I assumed she understood. I then told the instructor that I was scared they may still be confused. She reassured me it was fine. This instructor had very short almost platinum hair style lots of tattoos .

I have a few tattoos as well just stating the description to designate between those that worked on me as I did have another instructor come by at the end. About halfway through the 2nd student got another client so yet another student started helping to "Hurry up the Full Highlight process" as i understood.. I was supposed to be getting a haircut as well after the Highlights. They started checking the process what i thought was too early almost as soon as they put in the last foil.

They all 3 worked at different speeds while placing the foils. They said ok lets go wash it out. Washed my hair a few times conditioned rinsed and started talking very quietly between them about my hair and before they were talking very plain at an octave I could hear every word lots of complaining and gossiping some instructor names Jessica or Jennifer that They obviously had no respect for. .

I really was scared after the whispering started. They then got the instructor and in silence she looked at my hair and left. She had told her to go dry my hair and she would look again. She took me back out.

Immediately after removing my towel i said omg it definitely needs a toner. The instructor wanted to try something else first. So back to that uncomfortable shampoo bowl again. She did whatever process she was told to do.

left it on 25 min with my head in that bowl. She checked on me once. I am 60 and this was not a pleasant position. She then got her instructor and it is at that point they put on the toner.

Another 25 minutes in that bowl. Back to the chair. I had carrot top striped with something grey that was supposed to be the blonde. She started drying again with a boars hair round brush vigorously as she was obviously upset SCRAPING my now very tender scalp.

It has been 5 hours at this point . So Here comes another instructor. Never saw the original one again after she realized her advice did nothing to improve their mistakes. This instructor looked and then went and another lady came i can only think that maybe she was the director.

She immediately admitted this was a mistake and not what should've been done to my hair. The student disappeared and She gave me 2 options. 1 to TRY to do highlights again. Another however many hours!!!

Or 2 do an allover brunette color. I haven't been Brunette since my 30's! I said of course not to TRYING the highlights again and asked how the process as for the allover color. At that point I said I can do that myself!!!!

Almost in tears I then just got up and left. Lesson learned here. I have read the other reviews and I do not need your standard reply of" I am sorry and someone will be contacting you shortly" unless you are wanting to pay $100.00 I had to pay to TRY to fix it. Yes I said TRY.

It now is a brassy auburn highlights with a dull light brown.

Definitely not blonde highlights. UNPROFESSIONAL

Location: Arlington, Texas

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Same thing happened to me!

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