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I spent a small fortune on Paranologies.com consisting of

1x Spectral Observatory DVR

1x Tri-Cam

2x Temperascopes (received just 1)

2x Parascopes 360 models (was never delivered)

1x Panoptic PDA Camera (9v battery part fell off when changing battery) see pic

2x Thermascopes

2x Pyramids (only ever got one)

2x Parascope Plasma

1x Phonopod (ordered it with mic plug it came without so had to order infrared headphones)

3x extra headphones (only 2 delivered)

1x Tricam Headphones (these were an extra pair which never came then he tried saying the ones in the Spectral Observatory were them! They come with them anyway so I still got robbed for a pair that never were delivered!! the pic shows the cheap ones you get for apparently $59USD. The actual cover on the ears was peeling so when you wore them and took them of pieces of thin rubber plastic stuck to you.

This guy obviously loves glue and plastic moulds because this *** is made from it! The fact it took him over 1.4yrs to deliver he still failed to deliver the completed order giving me excuse after excuse, one occassion he asked if he could take my gear to a show and assured me they would be behind a casing where none of the public could come into contact with them. Instead they were easily accessible (see pics)

I agreed as he said that he spent so much time building my items he had no time to do anything else..

Well, he got paid very well in AUD money which led me to pay much much more my end then had I lived in the states!

The 360 Parascopes NEVER arrived and a camera was missing from the Spectral Observatory DVR, not to mention the part where the memory card is inserted into the Spectral Observatory DVR unit was pathetic! The card fell into the cavity of the unit leaving me no choice but to open the seal around it to retrieve the card from the motherboard which I found just laying against wires!! it wasn't even so much as glued in! And this guy as affirmation loves glue!!

I was gobsmacked! The Cameras I got were all garbled when viewing showing nothing but lines and awful cheap material no doubt didn't even give clarity!

Now I come to the dodgy Tri-Cam which had one side smashed in where the mic was, so I sent it back paying shipping fees but was never re-imbursed he said he would replace it with a brand new one, well after a minute of using it the sound through the mic buzzes badly so too bad if you captured any EVPs because there'd be absolutely NO WAY you'd even hear them! I will need to do a recording and attach to this, I only stumbled across this site and because the video & audio were so bad I deleted them and haven't used the rubbish since.

So watch this space.

The sealed section of the Tri-Cam was glued together.. YES GLUE!!

And the tiny cheap push in buttons get stuck so you have to wedge the button out with a pin or knife, gee imagine being in a dark location having to do this everytime you turn it on or off? In addition, the battery compartments springs pop out everytime you take out a battery so I had to glue them in!! WT?!! I paid around $700 USD for that & I had to glue it!!

Seriously this guy is making a motza of gullible people!

The outlay for me was almost $3K AUD and I still can't use most of it.

Dreadful Dreadful Dreadful! And dare question him bout the gear and bam! You're blocked or ignored! So take my advice keep aay from Jeromy Jones & his plastic rubbish!

Review about: Paranologies 360 Parascope.

I liked: Items as they seemed great online, Concept until i was a buyer.

I didn't like: I had to constantly advised what was bought, Missing items, Faulty gear, Delay tactics, Bad customer service.

Review #765770 is a subjective opinion of a user.

Reason of Review / Monetary Loss All above / $2823
Preferred solution Full refund

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Hi Kaz, or Karen Sommers as your also known by.If anyone has a question about this email me.

I have all the documentation and emails from this lady showing the truth about the above story. She is in Australia and some of the items were damaged during shipment. Yes we use glue and yes we use plastic, it is all custom hand made equipment.

She is not reasonable and too hard to compromise with and made demands that we do not accept.

-Jeromy Jones

Owner Paranologies


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