A I am on dial up internet and I do not even know if this email will eve get to.

B you are asking someone who is dyslexic and has connectivity issues to send you an email.

c. for three weeks at any type of calls to Yoplait you have had a "Team development meeting" or it just plain hung up on your end since 10:10a


All I am asking is Why is tops Market in Rhinebeck having issues with oui

Lemon yogurt.

It has not been on the shelf at Tops Market in Rhinebeck since August 19th, whereas I have seen it in Shoprite, Hannaford, Price Chopper/Market 32, Walmart and Target.

Tops is 3 miles from my house.

why do I have to go across the rive pay a toll for the bridge just to get OUI lemon yogurt.

Isn't that the classic definition of Restraint of Trade??

I do not know I am emailing and I am angry at the fact I do not feel like paying the gas and the tolls to get a 4 -- $1.50 yogurts not to mention being a victim of ID threat and my bank accounts cleared at one time, I do not do any shopping on line. ( If the product is at other store its not covid-- try another story.)

jack auster

43 birchwood drive

Rhinebeck, NY 12572


Location: Red Hook, New York

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