This dog food is just cheap junk delivered to your home. Once you get it it smell like died animals.

My dog would roll in the stuff like it was old roadkill. Is stunk the house up so bad I had to dump it. When I asked for money back the owner just laughed at my story and said all dogs like roadkill.

When I went to his house to see about my refund I could then understand his disregard for animals.

He had about a dozen dogs in kennels all with shock collars. This guys is cruel and does not care about animals.

Monetary Loss: $39.

Location: Livingston, New Jersey

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This post is all lies-the food is based and delivered in Central Oregon, and this post is from New Jersey!


why are you saying this?


It's a great dog food great service and the ingredients are what we were looking for in a dog food. this little nerd from New Jersey that's trying to put down this dog food doesn't know what he's talking about.


Funny how the only negative reviews are from someone from New Jersey, and 2 reviews dated back to back. Can you say "internet trolls"?

These reviews are obviously bogus.

Everyone I've ever suggested the food to loves. Yes it costs more than Old Roy, but this food is for people who want their dogs to live.


The guy who posted these remarks does not even live in Bend. My dogs do great on Orion's Choice.

John has even gone out of his way to get me a bag of dog food when I miss calculated what I had left over a weekend. He is very nice and accommodating. I have been to his home and his dogs looked healthily and happy to me.

It's a good quality food and my dogs are healthy and happy on it. I recommend it to all my dog friends.

Cherie - Bend


Personally we like to change up our dog food occasionally. Trying O'Rion's for the first time last month and our Wire-Haired/Golden Mix doesn't seem to have the anal gland irritation as much as last brand.

(Vet flushed infection that had been irritating for weeks.) The new food may or may not have made any change, but now that the infection is gone, she seems to have more energy, too, using O'Rion's.

We are ordering another bag for next month.


Dog food, is just made of by vets as their business and I'm not really sure what really contains on dog food.


Of course this guy hates his food. Hes from the armpit of America.


I have been using Orion's Choice for a little over 2 years. My dog is very healthy, and fit.

She seems to enjoy the food and the ingredients seem to be straight forward with no gross filers. It was recommended to me by a friend, they deliver to your front door for ~$35-40 for a 40 lbs bag.

Definitely a good deal, of course there are better brands but for the money you cant get better. The guy who drops it off seems a little timid with dogs which confuses me, but I think they do a quality job.


This has been great food. My dogs love it and have nice shiny coats since eating it. Service is great and the owner is extremely knowledgable about dog nutrition


Very good kibble, great service. I have an elderly black lab who does well on this food and the delivery service couldn't be more convenient.


I also have a dog with allergies and two others. I put them on Orion's choice because it doesn't contain fillers.

The food is high quality and you don't need to feed the dogs a lot. All of my dogs are muscular with beautiful coats and no more allergies. It is great value for the price.

I have been to John Regan's house and his dogs live in the house and are treated as part of the family. I think whoever posted those untrue remarks has a personal vendetta against the family.


I have had my dogs on Orion's Choice dog food since shortly after the company was founded. I have found the food to be extremely high quality.

It has been especially good for my dog, Jaz, who suffered from terrible dry skin and hot spot issues prior to starting Orion's Choice. She now has no problems with dry skin. In fact, her coat is so beautiful, she has done some local doggie modeling work:-)

For further testament to the quality of Orion's Choice Dog Food, I have had numerous people in the animal welfare community comment to me about the high quality of this food. This includes vets, non-profit animal advocates and my dog trainer.

I have NEVER heard anyone speak badly about Orion's Choice until Larry C. started spamming the internet with his poison: Shame on you, Larry for trying to destroy such a great company and a genuinely good man:-(


:) Orion's Choice is the BEST dog food I've ever gotten for my dogs. This dog food smells great and my dogs have never been healthier.

John, the owner, is one of the nicest men and would never treat anyone the way this person is describing him. The comment about "road kill" is ridiculous and just made me laugh. John loves dogs and that is why he made such a great, quality dog food.

The price is great compared to high name brand dog food out there. We will never change.


Orion's Choice Dog Food of Bend, Oregon is not a quality product in my opinion and dealing with the owner has been very unpleasant. The food is over price and was old and stale when it was delivered.

When I contacted John he was very defensive and talked down to me. He would not refund my money or replace the dog food.


I agree with the person commenting on Orion's Choice Dog Food. I found the food to be below average and the service to be poor. It does not surprise me that this company is seeing complaints.


The review of Orion's Choice Dog Food dated 9/29/12 is completely false.


The review of Orion's Choice Dog Food dated 9/29/12 is completely false.