Is Origami Owl Dishonest and Corrupt? Unfortunatly for Chrissy Weems, Yes...

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As one of O2's longer corporate employees I can assure everyone reading this that the company is in fact lying to you all. From Bella's b.s. backstory to the empty 'being a force for good' doctrine, to the very charms and lockets we design here. If you're a 'happy customer' you're a lucky fluke, and there are a handful of you out there. But make no mistake, even YOU were lied to. The jewelry we produce here stem from stolen and hacked up competitor designs and ideas, are manufactured in China using the cheapest quality materials and retrofitted methods, and in some of the most irresponsible and unacceptable factories China still operates. If you're happy, then I'm sorry, you're easily duped. But I understand personal value trumps actual quality.

Jewelry; charms lockets, and chains, this is not O2's mainstay or primary source of income, and never was. If that were the case Origami Owl would be marketed and sold to the mass public via retail channels. O2 is a multi-level-marketing company, or a pyramid scheme, parading itself as a contender and innovator in the jewelry and fashion markets. Unfortunately however, their main product and business focus is selling the initial enrollment packages to what the company call 'designers', or merely the pyramid-recruited sales force...

98% of our focus here at O2 is on these 'designers', not our jewelry, and not the public who purchase and wear it. We don't even know who you are. We create more products the public knows absolutely nothing about, marketed and made available to the 'designers' only. People we know extremely well. Things like clothing, travel luggage and mobile jewelry cases, business seminars and self help classes, etc. And sadly yes, it's all the same quality junk as everything else bearing the O2 brand.

Origami Owl isn't evil, (well ok, maybe a bit) just greedy and ***. They're a careless business who's model is absent of longevity, like any other that's designed to separate fools from expendable income. A decent idea (a branded glass locket company), met with poor execution and a complete lack of business experience in all markets, fashion, MLM, jewelry, start-ups... These people are guessing in the dark.

It's simple really:

GOOD healthy business focuses on driving low-cost recurring customer sales. They build a happy loyal customer base and enjoy high sales volumes.

BAD business focuses on the initial high price sale, knowing you won't come back, and abandon you. They create unhappy disdainful customers driven into the arms of their competitors, and build damaging reputations that ultimately spell their demise.

I invite comments to this post as I'm prepared to discuss further and disclose any information necessary to bring Origami Owl's business ethics and practices to the public under bright scrutinizing lights. Lets face it, we ALL know it's time for this charade to come to an end, and it starts with educating the moral majority. And I can see by just this website alone, it's indeed working.

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49 of 355 Origami Owl reviews

Sep 27, 2016 #1219227 Jasper, Tennessee, United States

Since you used to work in corporate, any idea what they do to people who get caught selling on eBay?

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Jan 30, 2016 #1103240

Thank you for your answer about the china charms, I did see that there are some charm pictures from China that look identical to Origami Owls Charm pictures which Origami has listed in the legal section on their site with a registration number to say it is copyright, does that mean those specific designs I can't sell? Or is it just the picture of the charm, that is copyright that we can't use?

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Past Corporate Employee

Feb 05, 2016 #1107078 Phoenix, Arizona, United States

As a legal gray-area tactic, OO claims ownership of older designs, but ultimately have to prove it in court if ever challenged. OO has sued and lost, even been sued and lost to others for design rites in the past. They now only claim rights to new designs, and even then there's a major gray-area. Legally, if you change about 20% of someone else's product, you can market it as your own new product, whether it's a clothing brand, a piece of music, jewelry, or even a recipe, just tweak the design in a few areas and you've "created something new". This is how OO's design team normally functions, see what other companies have created that are selling well, change a few minor attributes of those items, manufacture them cheaper than the original, slap the O2 logo all over it, and call themselves "innovators" in the jewelry industry. They steal from others and sell as their own to turn a quick profit with less overhead and turnaround. It's a shame, but it's normal in big business. If you want to sell OO's products and designs as your own, remember to change about 20% first, remember that OO's stuff is already some form of someone else's work, and remember they can afford the high cost of the legal battle more than a smaller organization should they discover and deem those products to be in violation of their copyright.

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Nov 13, 2015 #1063421

I've heard that before about Bella's back story,which does make sense. So what is the truth?

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Dec 03, 2015 #1073167 Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States

The Origami Owl story has been nothing but a lie from the beginning. The floating charm locket was for sale many years before Bella claimed to have invented it. OO simply copied some one else's idea, and than took credit for it. Their initial product line was directly copied from competitors designs.

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Dec 03, 2015 #1073358

They never said they 'invented' the glass locket.... that is just one of the many, many lies perpetuated by disgruntled former designers.

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Current O2 Corporate Employee

Jan 11, 2016 #1092535 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

What...? NO one said anything about O2 claiming to have invented the glass locket. You even put the word 'invented' in quotes... Hahaha, who are you quoting? That word was never used by anybody here.... But I can play your game too. Do enlighten us about the other 'many, many lies perpetrated by disgruntled former designers.' Don't get pissed at these poor people cause you've been made a fool of, caught supporting the wrong team, and now feel the need to justify your position, AND embarrass yourself in the process... Pathetic.

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Jan 11, 2016 #1092657

Here you go, "Anonymous #1092535":
"Anonymous to Anonymous Dec 03, 2015 #1073167 wJohnstown, Pennsylvania
The Origami Owl story has been nothing but a lie from the beginning. The floating charm locket was for sale many years before Bella claimed to have invented it. OO simply copied some one else's idea, and than took credit for it. Their initial product line was directly copied from competitors designs."
Who's "pathetic"?? Smh

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Jan 11, 2016 #1092719 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Wow, what ***!n losers Origami Owl's followers are. Yea, some other random commenter implied Bella invented the glass locket, however that was never mentioned in MY original post, which is where you were responding to. You're making yourself look stupider and stupider... Please keep going tho, I'm actually having fun now!

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Jan 11, 2016 #1092792

Wow, Scottsdale, this comment here is what the 'reply' was made to.....
"Current O2 Corporate Employee to Anonymous 5 hours ago #1092535 wScottsdale, Arizona
What...? NO one said anything about O2 claiming to have invented the glass locket."
You said NO one said anything about O2 claiming to have invented the glass locket..... it was just being pointed out that, yes, someone WAS stating that, here: "The floating charm locket was for sale many years before Bella claimed to have invented it" from Anonymous in Johnstown PA. Ya follow?????

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Nov 13, 2015 #1063404

any of you watch the Meredith Vieira Show?? go check it out, Bella was recently there to DONATE $10,000 to a young girl's anti-bullying initiative. But, yeah... it's a 'charade' ..... right.

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Current O2 Corporate Employee

Jan 11, 2016 #1092573 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

You're out of your element. I caution you before you speak up like this again to do your research. What you 'saw' on TV is called spin. 'Bella's' donation was a meaningless drop in the bucket in the name of misguided philanthropy, an action guided by O2's marketing chiefs in order to distract from their poor transgression record. While you were asleep, dreaming of the wonderful Origami Owl force for goodness, Origami Owl was very busy firing nearly 350 people, strong-arming their way out of investor responsibilities, secretly selling out the entire company to a generic LLC in the state of Delaware, for that state's unique and self-serving business protection laws AGAINST it's investment recuperation responsibilities, stealing jewelry designs from other well know reputable retail companies (Kate Spade, Dogeared, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Tiffany's, and more), regularly employing the cheapest possible Chinese labor force in some of the worst case scenario manufacturing conditions outlawed here in the US over 70 years ago... This list goes on and on and on... This company sold out what little integrity they had left way back in the early days, circa 2012. Stealing designs from competitors is their business model, as well as lying to their customers about returns and exchanges, but oh yea, they're a force for good right? Don't be so naive, stop cheering on the OBVIOUS wrong team, and pull your head out of your origami @ss! And just think, if Chrissy Weem's HADN'T been as lucky... Show more

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Jan 11, 2016 #1092806

You caution????

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Nov 12, 2015 #1062867

How Interesting that you work there talk all this smack and then list at the bottom that the only thing you like is your pay check.
Stand up you chicken and say who you are instead of putting anonymous.

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Nov 12, 2015 #1063029

How about you chicken little, how come you are posting anonymously? You what's good for the goose....

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Nov 28, 2015 #1070536 Queen Creek, Arizona, United States

Seriously?... Obviously by posting my identity along with my previous post, it would result in me eventually losing my job with Origami Owl. How dumb. Of course while employed with O2 I'm also looking for other career opportunities, but the Phoenix area's market for what I do is nearly nonexistent. Nothing I've stated previously is 'smack', whatever that is, nor is it opinion. You can trust what I'm saying is the truth because integral truth comes quietly, and starts in places like this, the opposite of what's blasted on O2's social media campaigns. And most important, this truth is backed by consistency of events and the momentum of agreeance being picked up by others who have also experienced Chrissy and Origami Owl first hand from the inside.

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Nov 08, 2015 #1060232 Bristol, Indiana, United States

I have so many questions and doubts about this 'honest review' it's ridiculous..... 'longer corporate employee' - what even is that?! "Pyramid Scheme" is NOT "MLM" and why would they WANT to market and sell "to the mass public via retail channels"??? Have you even read their Mission Statement? AND you are not even mentioning ALL this Company does to give back and help their own community, as well as those in the world around them. I feel sorry for you... you obviously have a lot of bitterness and anger that you are projecting on innocent people. Anyone who truly wants to know about this company, feel free to contact them directly - DO NOT base your opinion on the clouded and anger filled diatribe of these 'reviews.'

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Nov 08, 2015 #1060394


22 34 Reply
Current O2 Corporate Employee

Jan 11, 2016 #1092582 Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Word? Hahaha, really...? give me a break, O2 TROLL! Go shove your nose back up Chrissy's @ssh*le where it belongs. These are some seriously hurt, pissed, and dedicated people you're being a c#nt to. Just look at each comment's ratings... You're not among peer thinking here, get it?

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