If you too have been booted out of One Peak Medical of OR by Nisha Jackson because you werent buying her own private line of supplements please understand good can come out of your very negative experience. At least thats what happened to me when I went to a real doctor who explained Im in serious trouble if I dont make some immediate drastic changes.

Staying at One Peak Medical could have killed me which is why this service is now available.

Nisha Jackson likes money. Dont let it be yours who lines her wealthy pockets. Nisha when the market crashes most people wont be able to afford your spendy pills not covered by insurance and really the FDA doesnt approve any supplements now do they?

Please take my advice and stay away from ALL hormone clinics that disguise themselves as primary care providers. What a lie.

And its important to say I gave Nisha nearly a full year to properly (with sincerity) apologize. not only did she refuse, she made a mockery of me in our last attempt at completely rectifying this mess caused by GREED.

Therefore its my goal to help others who also have been callously treated by Nishas mostly blonde female providers (aka sales team).

The locations: One Peak Medical Eugene, OR, One Peak Medical Redmond, OR, One Peak Medical Grants Pass, OR, One Peak Medical Roseburg, OR, One Peak Medical Ashland, OR

User's recommendation: Stay out of One Peak Medical (greedy owner).

Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon

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