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Okay...Let me break it down as professional as I can...A One Source Talent Representative calls you from a nationwide home based call center. That person that calls you is an at-home business employee of OST. They get paid to process email submissions and to do call backs from the privacy of their home. Every Submitted talent is called back for an interview. Every talent gets told that their very marketable. It's the "Butter up" system for you to come into an interview.

When you get to your OST Interview, everything looks professional but, yet look at your surroundings. There's something missing "thought" will cross your mind. At the same time, as you wait, other call back potential talent flee through the door like a herd of cattle acting as if they got something that no one else has....talent...You look at them and your like...What the hay? While you continue setting there, observe the receptionist. She's on the phone setting one reschedule appointment after the other of those that cancelled or couldn't make the 1st initial interview.

After about 30 minutes, everyone is placed into this huge room, filled with chairs lined up in two column, a huge flat screen hangs on the wall, you fill out an application, and there's video camera's in all 4 corners of the room. The camera's are there to observe the talent but, not in the way you initially think. Those cameras are there so that the OST Team can watch & observe the suckers that they feel will buy their scam once you get behind closed doors.

Before anyone is called back for interviews, the Director will come out to do a practiced script about OST. They do this from the time they get to work until 7:00pm at night. Think about it? He or She will tell you about all their previous work experience and tell you about current talent. They'll show you these COMP CARDS of these pretty talent ID members. The OST Director will tell you a few success stories like the kid that appeared in the DORITOS PLAY NICE COMMERCIAL, and then, they go for the win. They'll tell you about this $39.95 a month service fee. They do it so fast that you don't hear them say anything about the $495.00 dollar deposit. That's their attempt of trying to be up front with you. They pull this " we want to be up front, fourth coming, and honest" line to make you feel like they can be trusted.

Eventually, the OST employee will start calling several people back into small groups where you're placed in line in a hall way like you're in elementary school. One by one, the potential talent goes into a small room where two OST employees will take your measurements, weight, and take your physical profile information. They write it down on a form & send you back to the BIG ROOM where you wait to be called back, again, for a private one on one meeting.

The second private call back, you go into a small room with one OST employee that ask you a few questions and they act as if they're observing you or your child to see if their SHY, basically. Yes, on occasion, they'll tell you that your child is too young and needs to mature. This is to make it even appear more legit. OST will give up and reject those that they've already observed w/ those cameras in the BIG ROOM as, whether or not, you or the parent can afford the service they provide....and yes, they do judge a book by it's cover which, you and I know...Looks can be very decieving...right...That's what they do. OST is a business in doing just that...

After the second interview, they'll schedule another meeting for you to come back. You'll travel back to OST from how ever far you come from the first time and you'll get this...You'll get there, wait a lot longer than you did the 1st time you were there. OST will call you back for a PRIVATE meeting one on one...They'll spend about 20 minutes asking questions and giving this spill...They'll even go as far to tell you about TALENT THAT WAS SUCCESSFUL THAT NO LONGER NEEDED THEIR RESOURCES and cancelled thier contract service with OST. Then, they get you to sign the first initial contract...Then, they tell you about their $39.95 a month fee again and explain all the 5 services you'll get for this fee. They go out of the room, leave you waiting and thinking about the program services. They'll come back in the room after 5-10 minutes with another contract, put it in front of you and they'll drop the big balm of $495.00 dollar NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in this 2nd contract and your suddenly, like...uhu? They do a pretty good job of convincing you...If you can't do the whole amount, they'll work with you. It's kind of a tit 4 tat...I trust you to follow the payment plan, you trust me to give you this service. OST will activate your accounr service & it'll become available to you ONLY when you come back to pay the remaining balance. ONLY after you sign the contract agreement, the OST rep will take these digital pictures of you or your child...They use these photos to put up pictures on your site to link to your COMP CARD and head shot talent specifically linked to your issued ID Profile.

OST Rep. will tell you that there's three (3) ways for you to be promoted & submitted to acting/modeling jobs or casting calls...They'll tell you that OST handles & submits you to these bigger companies while you submit yourself to these other smaller casting calls that are posted on their site after you log in. OST will tell you that the BIGGER companies will call them, often at the spur of the moment, needing immediate talent. OST will tell you about these NO HIDDEN FEES and invite you to come to these training & company events held in their offices twice a month. OST claims they post these free of charge meetings on the Forum Board at and claim it's an opportunity for you to meet others in the industry. I've yet to see these posts.

So, you buy into the scheme of things after they tell you the punch line of investing in yourself as an actor or model. Actually, OST is correct in telling you this. WHY? Think about it!!! Any sport you've ever been in cost money. Let's say TENNIS for EX: Rackets, Balls, constant time invested to practice, driving to & from tennis courts that are available, and the entry fees you pay for tournaments. Even Dance Classes for EX: You've got the monthly fee, learning sessions for months, then, you spend hundreds of dollars for recital costumes to perform on your big day...It's the same concept. GOLF to PAGENTS...YOU INVEST...You spend money for a service, travel to spend hundreds of dollars to get to auditions in or out of state from wherever it is that you reside, and eventually, you get rejected enough times that you loose confidence & give up. OST gives you this " DONT LOOSE FAITH OR GIVE UP SPILL" but, reality is that is exactly what their banking you'll do...To make things worse, you're now broker than a *** on the street and scrambling around figuring out how you're gonna pay your bills or put food on the table.

OST tells you that the professional world wants the average person, not that of the Supermodel "CINDY CRAWFORD, IMAN, TYRA BANKS" stereotype or the "Brad Pitt's or TOM CRUISE'S" GQ Stereotype...OST is, partially, correct in telling you that part because the Professional world has moved to the more AVERAGE type. Back in the mid-90's, the industry went through a transitional phase. EVERYONE know's this...IT'S NOTHING NEW.

BOTTOMLIME. You get home eager to jump of the site to log in. When you do, the disappointment sets in and you realize that the Digital Photos OST took are they worst photos you've ever taken in your life. So, you delete them and upload your own. OST will tell you that you've need approvals for the photos before uploading them from the OST Director. (Actually, you send them to the Director that claims she's a model...uhu bull ***...research her. You'll find she's a wanna be just like you and has never been in any commercial print, advertisement ads,short films, or featured films. All those type jobs have your name linked to them. Had you done those type of jobs, you're name would be all over them as an earned credit...EX: Just type in CINDY CRAWFORD and go through the thousands of mags she's been on, etc. MOVING ON...) You'll wait and wait for a returned email that YOU'LL NEVER GET a response to.

You evaluate the castings and do the start submitting yourself...First of all..a vast majority of the casting calls are OUT-OF-STATE, reality show, ON & OFF Broadway theater productions. Naturally, You'd have to travel to the BIG APPLE and CALI. The IN STATE casting calls are for short films and commercials Directed & Produced by STUDENTS from a UNIVERSITY or COLLEGE...Here's the KICKER...You can do a simple search to submit to any of these Reality shows by simply submitting to them on their site. Short Films...well, every state has a Short Film Non-Union Website where you can get the same posted casting call for free. EX: TEXAS SHORT FILMS. BING IT!!!

When you log in to your OST MEMBER ID SITE, the 1st thing you see is these NEW CASTINGS, you get excited to see if any of the casting calls are a match for you. REALITY is that everyday OST claim they post new casting calls but, the casting calls are ONLY extensions of the same casting calls you've already reviewed a hundred times.

BY the way, You can print, download, and save the COMP CARD to your computer but, know this...When you go to print them, their pixelated. OST will tell you it cost hundreds of dollars for photo head shots and to generate COMP CARDS. Let say that I used my POWERPOINT and created a far better COMP CARD.

At the end of the day, YOU'RE on your own, submitting to castings. You pay for a linked domain site, grainy pixelated "Comp Cards", Casting Calls that you can find elsewhere for FREE, and you've just wasted the initial $495.00 dollars, plus all that money in gas, the monthly membership fee, and let's not forget the time and the emotional let down.


The one thing that OST is failing to realize in a legal prospective...There's a thing called "CLASS ACTION" lawsuits. This action is when 2 or more gather to file suit against them for FRAUD, FALSE ADVERTISING, & BREACH OF CONTRACT. OST best watch their step...TRUST ME...and by all means, feel free to contact me for furthur information. GOOD luck and hope this has helpped you with the question as to IF ONE SOURCE TALENT IS SCAMMERS?!!!

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Feb 10, 2012 #426796

BOB--regardless of if OST works for you or not, the truth is it IS a scam. They sign up ANYONE and EVERYONE so the fact that you got signed doesn't mean that you fit the "look" of a model or have the talent to be an actor. It simply means that you have a bank account. I have done some serious searching (just check out their Facebook page) and about 90% of the people who are signed up with them are not at ALL "Model material" So the question is, where ARE all the beautiful "ideal" models? Well, I can answer that. They are all with REAL agencies.
OST might work for you, but let's be REALISTIC and admit that any company that charges the amount that they charge in exchange for an extremely low budget website and even lower quality pictures, is far from legit. Sorry to break it to you, but I checked out your pictures, and yes you are what some might consider attractive, but I have seen better quality pictures from a Wal-Mart photographer.

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Feb 09, 2012 #426066


MOM, you can submit your daugther to the same modeling companies WITHOUT paying an agency or talent company. YES, if they ask for money..RUN AWAY. You can find the same information on casting/open calls without shelling out that kind of money.

I know that it's difficult to burst that bubble but, at the end of the day...there's a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do things. It's far better for you to be honest to your daugther and go about it the RIGHT way that's going to be far more beneficial for you, financially, and for your daugther in the long run.

There's other avenues. If a company wants you...They'll spend those finances to bring that talent to them not the other way around.

I wish you the best of luck!!!

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Feb 09, 2012 #426056

I took my 12 yr old to OST last night and she was "one of 25" to get the call bk tonight. I was ready to take her when I was informed by brother to check them out on Internet. Wow thanks to my brother I was just saved $499 plus $39.99 month but more importantly my 12 year old was saved from a long "wait" that prbly never would have happened. Shame on One Source. We may want the best for our child but obviously you are NOT it! TAG your IT for next sucker. WRONG!!!!!!!!

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Just mom trying to please a da

Feb 09, 2012 #425963

Its conflicting on here whether or not to take my daughter for her second interview with out *** her off. Shes 15 and wants to be in modeling and acting desperately. There are two individuals that say OST works for them but I have read articles that any company that asks for $$ up front you should run from them. How do I tell my beautiful 5'9" daughter that she may be walking in to a scam.

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Big pimpin

Feb 09, 2012 #425877

My 6 year old has an appointment for OST in Falls Church Va. But with all this talk my gut says cancel . The OST so called agent won't leave me alone .

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Almost got me

Feb 08, 2012 #425441

I have an interview today and after reading this I called them to ask about the fee and could not get a straight answer. "Tameka" danced around that question like it was gonna *** her. I cancelled my appointment! Thanks for the heads up!

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Feb 07, 2012 #424719

MYLE'S MOTHER- Tell your son not to give up and give him that there's hope yet. I'm not sure what state you reside but, here's where you need to start. He needs to build a resume. Most often, the local theater production company is a good place to start. Also, go to the State non-union short films site. EX: Google TEXAS SHORT FILMS and the site will show up. Each state has one. This is a start because usually students are doing short films that are done through the university and sometimes, these short films are submitted to short film festivals for the state and nationwide. Short films are credited. He may not recieve a paying job in the beginning but, he does recieve film credits and copy of the film & stills. Usually, the short film websites have production company listings for commercials on the site as well. Just make sure to check out the Producers them...find the legitimacy of the directors.

I wish him the best of luck!!!

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Myles's Mother

Feb 07, 2012 #424692

I'm so glad that I read this. My 10 year old had an appointment today and I was a worried. My son was very disappointed. He is really wanting to act. If anyone knows of any legitimate avenues that I can take to help my son succeed. Thank you so much.

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Feb 07, 2012 #424610

Hey Skittles I don't work for OST as I do have a well paid full time job in engineering; the modeling I do is on the side. Thanks for looking at my comp card though I do indeed need to get my resume on there as OST talent specialist send me emails all the time about it; I will take their advice on that. And yes some OST employees do have a comp card as the specialist that signed me did so nothing new there.
All I have to say is that OST does work for me; and no offense but in the modeling world for both male and females in order to have success you need to be TALL and of course have a great body; with that you can do anything from commercial to runway..and that is what the majority of clients look for.

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Feb 06, 2012 #424172

Hey BOB...go back to work for OST...Why? Because being in law...I've got my resources and I'm more than aware that all the employees of OST have their own Member ID and Comp Cards through OST. That's just part of the marketing. Where's your resume? Uhm, I wonder!!!

Just as an FYI...5'7 Blonde hair, Blue Eyes, 31,23,30 and Yes, I'm more than marketable...and REALISTIC!!! Thanks for your input.

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Feb 06, 2012 #424154

Ugh I gave them my # and email.... They won't do anything like threaten me if I ignore them right? :upset

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Feb 06, 2012 #423880 Slavicin, Zlinsky Kraj, Czech Republic

I signed up with OST about 7 months ago and all I have to say is that I have gotten many submittals from them. My goal was to do underwear modeling and by the looks of the person who interviewed me as well as the director I had a feeling I was going to be selected. I did pay attention in the presentation so I came prepared for my investment..what I liked was the fact that I was not signing a contract but more of a monthly agreement (kind of like paying for cable). I have gotten many jobs with them within the commercial side of modeling as well as many extra roles in movies. I don't mean to sound full of myself but I am 6'3 weight 235 (football body type) so I do have the look to be successful in this industry. Anyone who goes in there who has a face for radio and expects to do editorial work in print must realize that their family and friends are lying to them when they tell them they could is a business after all but if it doesnt work out at least you are left with comp cards and professional photography to keep. My talent id at one source is 63351; search it and see why my story is a possitive one. My advice is if you have no talent, take auful pictures, ovdrweight, or plain unnatractive STAY AWAY and find something else to do with your money because they will see your hunger for fame and feed off from it..BE SMART AND REALISTIC

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Mad momma

Feb 03, 2012 #422064

Well to add to the misery my daughter was just involved in a scam from an outsider of the company through her comp card on ONE SOURCE TALENTS website. We knew it sounded fishy but now these creepy people have our home address and phone number. They have sent threatening text messages and of course one source talent isn't answering our phone calls. The scanners emailed her about a modeling job. We only responded that she wanted more information and never heard back from them. This morning we get a fed ex overnight package from a girl and when we open it there is a check from a church inside for $2460.00. We were very suspicious and then the guy from before starts emailing and then texting my daughter. We r only asking questions and he is trying to get us to deposit the check and wire part if it to a company. We keep saying no and he keeps trying to convince us. I called the church that the check was from and I was the sixth parent to call them this morning. They had closed their account and had contacted the police. So I text the guy back from my daughters phone and said we r on to you and we got a death threat back from the guy. It was awful for my daughter. She is so upset and scared. What a world we live in!! Stay away from one source talent!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb 03, 2012 #421919

i had a 2 interview with ost and they made me read a little scrip and then the said that i got the part in film and commercial, i was happy then they gave me a contract and i had to pay $495.00 :? me and my sister ask if we can take it home and read it as a family and the lady said no there are no more casting call this is the last day. that was b.s but it a scam for sure

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Duped mom

Feb 03, 2012 #421820

Unfortunately I fell for the same EXACT thing in detail. I am normally a very skeptical person but a friend of mine was with them and she said her son did a role in a non paid documentary. She neglected to tell me she was no longer in it until after I told her I signed my child up. Thankfully the child rate was only $185 in start-up. But I knew something was fishy when she told me I had to pay that day or lose my spot for a year. Still I went for it thinking at least I will stay a month and see what the site is like. Garbage same crappy pictures. I have taken WAY better on my iPhone . Then they took the money from my account sooner than she claimed. When I went for the how are you follow up she told me that there were two jobs my son was asked for and they would be on the site later that day as well as the February classes. I checked off and on for the next three days. Nothing. When I went to log in today I was blocked saying my credit card was declined. I used a check the first time. But when I called my bank they said no transactions had even been sent through. The print on their page was asking me to re-enter my info but by now I do feel like it is a scam and a waste of money. Funny my card is "declined" just a couple days after I told her I had my own professional photographer. She wanted me to send her a link of his work to make sure it was up to standard to put on their page. By the photos they put of my child I can hardly believe they have standards. I'm definitely... Show more

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Feb 01, 2012 #420423

I am so glad I read this, I have an appointment tomorrow, and you can be *** sure I am cancelling it!
Thanks so much for your honesty and information. It is one thing to cash in on a bogus service, but another to cash in on the hopes and dreams of people. SHAME ON YOU ONE SOURCE!!!!

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Jan 31, 2012 #419646

TIFFS...Me, too!!! You and others are the reason I posted such a lengthy post. IF you don't know EXACTLY what your walkng into, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE GETN IN UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE. I hope others will read and form their own opinion. This post isn't from a pist parent because their child wasn't marketable enough or someone that doesn't have the look to be marketed.
Please review my other post as well

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Jan 31, 2012 #419473


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Jan 30, 2012 #419000

I really wish I would have read this befor I gave them over $500. This company is terrible and should be illegal. One Source UN Talent is aweful!!

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MRS Thomas

Jan 28, 2012 #418052

I'm glad that I reviewed this lengthy information about One Source Talent. I'm convinced that this is just another scam for sure. I did go to the BBB and reviewed their rating in several states. OMG...They've got C-and F's. That's not a good thing for a business at all.

Thanks for all the helpful information you provided.

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