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I walked in October 2, 2021 to Octapharma in Maple Heights, Ohio at about 12 oclock noon and while I was signing in at the kiosk another guy was complaining about he walked far too long to get there [Maple Heights Octapharma], just to leave empty handed. Because of flirty banter the young receptionist lady, (whom employed to do check-in vitals), let him stay but told me and some others that we had to leave; saying were not taking any more donors at the moment because were at max capacity.

I would say something to you earlier but I didnt see you at the kiosk. We close at three but you can come back if you like. I feel I and the other donors were treated unfairly! Ive been donating at this location for about three years and have tolerated and overlooked a lot!

However, now I feel theyre biased! I understand they have been short staffed but that is not our [customers] problem, it's a managerial problem! The improper training, absurd waiting time, punctuality, procrastination, gossiping and lack of professional etiquette throughout the employment staff at this location is disturbing and disgusting! Theyll tell you what time they close and lock the door 15-45 minutes earlier than what they say there is no posting signs or anyone to tell someone that they are at mass capacity or anything at times they just do what they feel like they are rogue renegades!

Where is the supervision! The accountability!

User's recommendation: Too many bad apples [customers & employees] ruin the bunch!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 5398 Northfield Road, Maple Heights, OH 44137

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