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Updated by user Mar 09, 2020

There are 3 investigations currently going for this issue. Nothing final as of yet.

State Medical Board of Examiners getting to reviewing DR case for "neglect" to do her job. State investigation launched against facility for policy changes to NOT let this happen again. Some sort of patient advocate emailed me about investigating in house also. Waiting to hear back from policy maker from within the facility STILL as to if they are going to update policies to NOT allow NEGLECT to happen again.


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Original review posted by user Feb 08, 2020

I was on a given Medicare plan. The ONLY specialists primarily that took my insurance (at the time) was this location.

I was filling out new patient paperwork. Pulled to the exam room. I was told by neurosurgeon (that just happened to be being shadowed training someone of the future of health "care" within their facility) "this is a 1 yr follow up". The appointment was OVER before I even finished filling the paperwork out!

I told her "no offense, but your name and face doesn't ring familiar with me in the number of Drs in this area that have dropped me through the cracks since my disabling auto accident Oct 18, 2013". She stated "I told you back then and as is now your spine is deteriorating and there is nothing I can do for you". I expressed "my neurosurgeon that did my 2 spine surgeries said my spine would have to be monitored as if the surgeries didn't help then more would be needed". She stated "then I suggest you return to him".

I stated "his office doesn't take the insurance I'm on presently". She asked "what do you want from me"? I stated "An image of some kind...an xray, CT scan, something to tell me the current condition of my spine".

SHE WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM TELLING THE NURSE TO PREP THE ROOM FOR THE NEXT PATIENT AND HAVE ME SIT IN SEATING AREA TO FINISH FILLING OUT MY PAPERWORK. I was told to hand in my paperwork when I was done, I was already checked out of the appointment and I was free to go.

Upon having my insurance set to change Jan 1st, 2020, I got in with my prior neurosurgeon that did the surgeries on Jan 7th. He did Xrays. They came into the room and SHOWED me why I was having MORE issues. I "need to return when I can't take it anymore as I had already been through physical therapy (to the point they told me they couldn't help me any further), injections, nerve burning, etc for me to fix it with surgeries...(2 more again)".


BUT SHE TOOK MY INSURANCE'S 100% PAYMENT FOR SERVICES "NOT" RENDERED! I was contacted by said insurance company this past week for survey as to WHY I left the company.

After over an hour of giving her feedback and pieces of my mind when she asked what the company could have done to help keep me; I kindly informed her of some sort of form of recursive action like demanding refund toward insurance since nothing was done, some sort of mannerism like healthgrades.com where the patients/customers of doctors and the insurance company can head to their site to an area of giving testimonials about their own experiences with said doctors for current customers or potential future customers could have information on whatever doctors were reviewed and truths told so they could make a better educated means to make the right decision for them, etc and I even resorted to finding out from an attorney that I have no malpractice case with THIS type of treatment, or lack thereof, and I resorted to trying to reach the "customer relations" department in their facility with NO response or returned call!

I even tried getting to be able to see the Dr I was referred there to see and not be STUCK with someone else! I was told "we don't transfer patients among coworkers in the same department and even if you did get a chance to see him, he would most likely take HER word for what she put in my file above all else".

Preferred solution: Public apology, removing workers from payroll and facility that behave inhumanely, unprofessionally, unethically.

Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Pros: N a.

Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Cons: Too many to list, Inhumane practitioners, Allow others to suffer or stay sick, Take insurance payment w o services rendered, Unprofessional unethical practitioners.

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Keep talking like that and they will find you dumped in a bayou somewhere.

Brett G Eog
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1863033

LMBO! See, the problem with folks messing with someone they don't know...

You NEVER know what kind of pacts they can have with ANYONE that plays a part in their untimely events of happenings, if wronged, whatever the case may be! I'm a decent, respective/respect giving, HUMAN that deserves to be treated like such and NOT like a number! I'm in a chronic patient program since my disabling accident, spine surgeries (past and more coming), etc. I've been comatose from the pain with NO sounds coming from me but only tears hurting to even move.

DON'T THINK if someone's life who's daily quality has been raped from them WHILE NOT being treated as a human wouldn't bring SOME sort of peace and balance back! IF you think I FEAR THAT...then you're so beyond the point of any of THIS! One thing I CAN SAY is this all has launched me CAPABILITY of launching own "licensed" nonprofit to HELP GENERAL PUBLIC BUSINESS to give back. Its not about being bitter or such.

Its about TRUTH and let's face it... Right is right; wrong IS wrong.

reply icon Replying to comment of Brett G Eog

Yep, I too have had spine surgeries ; they are like dominoes falling, one after another. Unfortunately, we must rely on others to provide services in an attempt to do that which we cannot do for ourselves.

My dentist said it didn't go well when he tried to pull his own tooth.

You are, however, your own case manager regardless and you've got to find a way to deal with your health issues with the resources you have. I'd suggest starting by dropping the exclamation points ; you can't think clearly when excited.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1863783

Perhaps but I have had Drs "taking new patients" unable to handle those of us that ARE prohealth for our own for having been done wrong by so many for so long (years). I understand some specialists ARE NEEDED, but just as my neurosurgeon that did the prior ones, HIS TEAM is exactly what I returned to after changing my insurance plan to be IN their network!

Just as the quack said to me to do! No MATTER WHAT insurance plan you have, YOU HAVE HUMANE RIGHTS (ethical ones, professional ones, etc) to be treated LIKE A HUMAN BEING! NOT having your medical file FALSELY DOCUMENTED to cover the Dr's rear for NEGLECT! Especially when someone so used to this mess has learned each step of the way AND has documentation to cover their side of the case should it need be proven!

Guess that comes with partly of a parental figure in family working with attorneys all MY life also! You tend to pick up things here and there in your child rearing process! Also, WHAT KIND of person does it take stemming from THIS program's REPS to post comments like what YOU did on my post and video!? Who's side are you actually on?

Again, right is RIGHT, wrong IS WRONG. Case closed. I refuse to alter or change anything of my words. I have ALWAYS stood for the underdogs and always will!

You have NO IDEA on all social media resources since my story is out there how many OTHER VICTIMS have been reaching out to me with their horror stories. Perhaps you haven't been in THIS kind of position like US, but that is still NO reason for any kind of role reversal back sliding swap out comments to stand on any solid ground as we have today's universities teaching PROPER morals and ethics classes that is missing which also includes the vitality of the application of "critical thinking" needed in EVERY aspect of daily life these days...BEFORE making a choice of what you want to do! This includes choices of what you choose to say! Aka...

Even if you have to close your eyes, before speaking, imagine (really) you're being in another's shoes and HOW YOU would feel, act, or react should it be happening to you, your spouse/significant other, your child, your parent, basically yourself or anyone you love/care about! Have a good day!

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