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Dee Coleman of the Garage II sold me a 1967 Chevy Nova, he advertised it on Ebay, said the car was perfect from Top to Bottom.The guy showed 100% references on Ebay so I never questioned his word.

Here is the item number on Ebay 380664874357. It's a nice car but picture are all from a distance, nothing closeup. I payed him top dollar for this car and he said the paint was show quality paint. However, I had to wait 15 days to receive the car instead of the regular 7 days it takes from California to Florida because he blundered the shipping by going with the cheapest trucking company he could find.

After finding a reliable company I received the car and to my surprise it had scratches on the trim, rust in the panels and cracks in the paint. When confronting the truck driver we decided to call Dee where he admitted these damages were there before the shipping. With his admittance of the scratches I was not able to claim any damages from the truck driver. However, he never described the vehicle as having any damages at all.

His ad said perfect from top to bottom and also he never wrote any defects in the Used Car field on Ebay where they require you to write defects. So be careful of this classic car dealer, he makes you sign "AS IS" Documents and tells you to have the car checked out by someone. What he is basically saying is, his word is no good and do not trust his 100% rating on Ebay. Also, be very careful as he will lure you away from Ebay by offering to reduce the price.

I believe this is how he maintains his 100% rating. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit against his company for false advertising and misleading consumers. My lawyers says we can file two separate lawsuits and he will need to defend himself in both states. Between both lawsuits I will be able to recover about $5000.00 in small claims court.

In order to fix these cracks I will need to refinish and repaint the car as there is no other way to fix and just paint these panels. Experts say the color will never match. Estimates are about $8000.00-$10,000.00 for a quality two stage paint. Dee comes off as a cool cat and he will return your calls, however, do not trust this classic car dealer at OC Properties or The Garage II in Visalia, California.

He will change his tune once documents are signed and money is transferred.

Once the sale is complete you will see his real personality come through.I hope this helps someone to avoid this misleading classic car dealer.

Review about: 1967 Chevy Nova.

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The Garage
Visalia, California, United States #844895
This guy Joe is a Cyber Bully! I have no recollection of selling a car to a guy in LA named Lawrence. Another smear tactic by this creep.
The Garage
Visalia, California, United States #843776
UPDATE 7/21/14. This person Joe Ascunce is a true liar! Fact 1. Never filed any claim as he had no basis to do so in court or his team of lawyers. Fact 2. He never bought the car off ebay and my record is clean on ebay at 100%. Fact 3. He bought the car as is and never had it inspected and nor did his due diligence prior to buying. I encourage everyone to do their diligence. I deal in old cars. NOT NEW CARS! I answer any and all questions truthfully and honestly. If a person does not ask, I cannot answer the question. Sometimes I do not know things regarding a car as some are consignments. How would I know if a car had been in an accident if I did not own it as the other person claims. For all I know it is a bogus attempt by joe to try and smear The Garage. Fact 4. The credit card company paid back the money owed to The Garage based on the contracts signed and paperwork provided that ruled in favor of The Garage after several months of deliberating. The fact of the matter is this. Some people are just irresponsible and will try and smear and lie their way out any cost and not take responsibility for their actions. We did everything as promised and asked. To the general public. We have been in business for a long time and to hide behind the electronic curtain and not step forward is a cowardly way to smear people. Stabbing them in the back. Shows this persons true character. The Garage is known world wide as an honest business selling classic... Always have a person check... Show more
Los Angeles, California, United States #795470
My fault tho. Should have paid better attention. Just never thought someone who has a reputation to uphold would sell such junk. Rims are cool tho. :zzz Beware. Bring a pro to look over the cars with you.
to Lawrence #795757
Lawrence, I encourage you to setup your own separate post. Get the word out about this guy and his company name and what he is doing.
Los Angeles, California, United States #795467
Wish I would have found this posting sooner. :cry
Los Angeles, California, United States #795465
yeah this dude sold me a car that had been previously crashed.
Dee Coleman and The Garage will be sued for defamation with the comments he has listed below. First, the credit card company voted in my favor and deducted the $1000.00 after confirming the finding of the corrupt deal. Second, when have you ever heard of a credit card company charging its customers $700.00 for arbitration. Any arbitration is covered by your credit card company win or loose. You can see how he lies. This comment is as much of a joke as he is. This guy is a loser, stay away from this company. This is just another baseless scare tactic that cowards use to deflect there inability to be honest. He has deceived several other customers - All you have to do is dig a little deeper on his Ebay comments to see what I have said is spot on. I didn't have an opportunity to damage his credibility on Ebay because of the tricks he used. Be warned and stay away from this company. I am still waiting on details from the authorities in his area concerning this case.
The Garage
Visalia, California, United States #778108
This is a follow up on this matter as of 1/25/14. I am Dee Coleman from The Garage and want to maintain my reputation in this industry and as a professional. This person had the audacity to try and dispute the credit card deposit three times. It took months for me to resolve this over $1000. It finally went to arbitration directly through Mastercard. Mastercard ruled overwhelmingly in my favor. This person is a scammer in every sense of the word and not a customer for anyone to ever have to have who maliciously tries to tarnish a good business person. The truth has come out. He never initiated any legal action, never sent a legal letter, never did anything he said he would. ALL HOT AIR! I got my $1,000 back and he was charged approx. $700 more from Mastercard for trying to arbitrate it!!! It is very unfortunate for him but I hope he has learned his lesson and will never do this to an honest business person in the future. I was prepared to pay the arbitration and agreed to fight. I knew I would win because I was morally right and represented the car properly. This was really a no win situation and hope that people in the future respect each other for the facts as they truly are. The Garage has been in business for years and maintains an excellent reputation in the Classic Car World.
Visalia, California, United States #702774
One final note. We also offered to resell the car for this customer at no charge and he never responded back. Interesting....
The Garage
Visalia, California, United States #702769
Joe Ascunce is a liar and trying to defame The Garage who has a perfect record and a very good reputation in the Classic Car industry. We do not have a problem facing our clients and pride ourselves on our efficient service, follow up and getting the deal done from start to finish with no dropping the ball. We are providing the response letter that was sent to Joe about items on the car he purchased. Joe also has failed to clarify some very important points in his baseless attack on The Garage. I welcome people to review this article because the real garbage flows to the top when a floozy like this tries give a person a bad name. We truly value our customers and love the relationships we build with our clients. This persons actions are false, malicious and just one of those types of people out there that get a kick out of harassing hard working people.

A. Joe never hired the trucker, we had handled everything from the start to finish. At completion of the purchase, we had immediately contacted a shipper and had them coordinated for the shipment of the car. (We never had an exact agreed delivery date for the vehicle-which Joe seems to embelish there was a fixed time..) The original trucker was not able to pick up the vehicle as promised. We immediately, working with the clients schedule rescheduled a pick up immediately with another qualified enclosed trucker after the original trucker fell through. Joe also negotiated the shipping included with
... Show more

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