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North Star Marketing of Sacramento, CA has a main objective of exploiting young adults entrepreneurial spirits for their own financial gain. They will tell you that with hard work you will be able to own your own business and make thousands of dollars every week if not every day. The truth is you will be working 12 hours a day 6 days a week on a strictly commission basis. They call it "pay based on performance".

North Star Marketing has people going door to door day in and day out with no hourly pay, medical benefits, or paid vacation days and expect you to motivate others to want to do the same in order to be "promoted". They still don't consider themselves a multi-level marketing scheme, but you can judge for yourself.
There is no reimbursement for miles traveled or hours worked since you are working as an independent distributor not an employee of the company. In essence you are your own company and you must learn how to go door to door well enough to teach and motivate other people to want the same.
North Star Marketing is what many consider a revolving door company since they have people join and quit the company every day. To make sure they have fresh faces coming in they spend a large sum on recruiting through the internet. If you look at some of the links provided you will see in many they will post a yearly salary which is a complete exaggeration. The reason for this is because they know if they put the truth about the company they wouldn't have any candidates interested in an interview.

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I worked for them for 4 years 1998-****. .

While most of what you say is fairly three as it is a commission based sales job. As a salesman you are responsible for earning your own way but they did pay room and board, travel and when I was with them we had company vehicles. I learned very quickly , you either are going to suck at sales or you have enough skin to stick it out after hundred of NOs and doors slammed in your face.

I traveled the USA, did 2 years in Mexico and most the most money I’ve ever made in sales as sales rep manager crew leader eventually. That sucks you had a negative experience but sounds like you have a pretty negative view on rough challenges.


I went on two interviews for NS Marketing. The second interview they told me I would be joining an "account rep" on his appointments that he had with clients that day.

What really happened was that we drove 40 minutes away from the office and got dumped onto the street to sell coupons door-2-door. This not at all what I had been lead to believe that we would be doing in the interviews.

I was pissed and took a cab home after about 20 minutes of it! The cab costed me 60 bucks......so freak'n worth it!!


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