Here is my experience in detail as a former student of Northedge!

So at first, I was excited to join this course ,because I was fooled by the speech that was given by the owner/founder, what ever she is on the orientation day. Not only me, but all of my family members were 100% committed to this class.

On the orientation day, she told us that we don't have to have an IT background and still we will be successful, which was a lie. She also said If 1 student doesn't understand the material, we have to wait or we will not continue till that student understands the topic because she follows a No Men Left Behind rule which was full of BS! Im saying this because that rule doesn't apply at all! She also said that will not end any class until everyone is on the same page, it doesn't matter how long it takes.

Yet there was a time she got pissed and end the class because some student were not answering questions. She will curse you, make you feel like a stupid person, she will stress you, pick on you and so on. The class is a 4 hours class, and she will expect you to understand everything she taught within 2 1/2 days. I would say 1 1/2 day because the homework by itself takes a whole day.

Then there was a study session where you will be divided in groups and asked by the so-called instructors. This session is a trap for a student who cannot answer a few questions. Some instructors were rude and put a lot of pressure on you. Then if you did poor on the first 2-3 study sessions she will give you an option to return to the coming semester or to be removed from the course and promised you to give you a full refund which never happened, and I have a proof of that!

However, if you want to stop the class on your on, you will lose your money, I repeat you will lose all of your money.

Moreover, since this class is offered by zoom they will force you to open your camera on, but you will never see their faces!! This people they will disrespect you and don't give you further information when they get asked, as a matter of fact they will tell you to google or to learn the way she was taught.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Northedge IT Training Pros: Only her voice.

Northedge IT Training Cons: Everything i have listed.

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland

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I agree with all of this


I have names numbers addresses and pics


I lost $2,500 not $3


Hey I was an admin with them. Kelly didn’t pay my last pay and she’s insisting she did already but cannot provide the transfer receipt.

After that she blocked me lol.

Do you know besides BBB, where I could report the company? Or Kelly herself?


Have you tried attorney general . Do you know what state she is registered in


you're lucky, its now over 10,000. This is an absolute joke


The course is $9000. How did you loose only $2500 with no refund?

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