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Ever wonder why people hate dealing with car sales people? Well, all you need to do is go to this dealership to figure that out.

It seems, when they want you to believe something, they call themselves sales managers.

I called the dealership to see if they had a car in stock. They did, so my next question was, "Are you marking cars up over MSRP? I have heard of some dealerships doing that right now." I was directly told no. So I drove down to get a car for my daughter for her birthday.

I thought it was odd that they were the only dealership I found with 2 Camry's when other dealers say they have them pre-sold before they arrive; well, I found out why.

I should have known this place was trouble when I drove up and half the sales crew were sitting in the dealership on a couch watching a soccer game on TV. Others were sitting on cars just staring at each other. Not one sales lead was identifiable, and they were clearly not caring about a professional appearance.

After driving an hour to get to the dealership, I met up with David Castillo who asked me to ask for him after Erick and I spoke. I confirmed the car and then said "Ok, I'll take it." After we went inside and I was given the old school sales sheet which was the first sign of trouble.

David then goes into pointing out the MSRP listed and then the $5,4XX mark-up they were "asking for." I stopped him and said that is NOT what I was told and came down here for. Next Victor ? comes to the table and tells me the best he can do is $3,000 over MSRP. I explained what I was told and he called me I liar before asking anyone anything in an attempt to verify what I told him.

I explained that Longo Toyota already confirmed they do not mark up the car over MSRP and he said "That's just something a salesperson told you because they don't have the car." (Little did he know 3 people I know did just that after waiting for their car to arrive, so it was not a sales pitch.) I told him I was not going to put up with the bait and switch crap they were pulling and that it was bush league BS sales tactics..."Say whatever you need to in order to get them down to the dealership." He could care less and just gathered up his paperwork. Too bad he didn't ask what do for a living as I am asked where and what kind of cars to buy daily by clients.fffRun

I asked who the sales manager was and he said A.J.. I asked for his last name and he didn't know it. When I questioned him on it, then he knew it.

I asked who the store was owned by and he said "All I know is Hankley." So he did not know the owner's actual name after saying earlier that it was a family owned dealership. In reality, it is owned by billionaire Don Hankey and the Hankey Group, who bought the dealership in 1988.

Suffice to say that I will NEVER deal with them again and will make it my goal to tell every person I can the truth about my experience.

User's recommendation: Run from this place. If you must do business with them, get EVERYTHING in writing as they will lie on phone, then call you a liar to your face when you confront them about their sales tactics.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Them to acknowledge their lies and do as they said they would, sell me the car at the price they said they would..

North Hollywood Toyota Pros: Had the car i would have bought in stock.

North Hollywood Toyota Cons: Sales staff and their sales tactics.

Location: La Verne, California

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