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Honestly i had no interference and everything went smooth with North American Power. The Rebate has to be filled and mailed but other than that I got everything I asked for and was offered. Thank you NAP! When it came to the rate, I seen a few that were lower but they... Read more

Everybody’s friendly at North American Power! Madeline C. Read more

They guided me through the process and answered all of my questions. Daniel L. Read more

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North American Power's reply to:

The customer’s refund check was mailed on 3/8/2017, which the customer received and has since cashed on 3/11/2017. There was indeed a change in systems and processes related to Accounts Payable which may have resulted in this customer’s delayed check. We truly... Read more

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Customer service and satisfaction are certainly of great importance to us; which is why, all complaints filed against NAPG are taken seriously and thoroughly reviewed in order to address the concerns alluded to by the complainant. Based on Mr. Soyeju’s account details,... Read more

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North American Power's reply to:

We’re sorry that there appears to have been an issue with getting your account enrolled with us. We will have a member of our Customer Care team contact you directly. Thank you! Read more

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This customer enrolled with us on 11/11/2014 and selected a 12-month $0.0699/kWh fixed rate - not a 6-month term as he claims. As he said, towards the end of his fixed agreement he began shopping around for a new rate plan and ultimately decided to enroll with another... Read more

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We were deeply disturbed by the claims this gentleman made about what our Customer Care agent told him, and take our customer experience very seriously, so we reviewed the recording of this call to hear exactly what was said. At absolutely no point during the call did... Read more

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We contacted the customer and played the enrollment verification recording. We also cancelled his account with no termination fee, per his request. The customer was pleased with the resolution, and we’re happy that we were able to address the customer’s concerns. Read more

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We are truly sorry that you had a poor experience with us, and we want to do what it takes to make this right with you. Although our records do confirm that a) we sent a renewal notice to your address on 6/9/15 when your first fixed rate term was due to expire on... Read more

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Over priced for gas and electric...$10.00 a month penalty to get out of my two contracts for a year. Trying to get my $50.00 welcome bonus has been on going for months. They did not have my correct address and now want me to send in an electric bill to prove my correct... Read more

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North American Power's reply to:

We are truly sorry to hear your account of your experience with one of our sales representatives, and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We take great lengths, through both our training and our quality control, to ensure that sales representatives are... Read more

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After researching the customer’s account, we were able to speak with her directly on what took place. The customer had multiple accounts with us and the one referenced here was never requested to be cancelled (though the others were per the direction of the customer).... Read more

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