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I went onto the website with the intent of purchasing...I started the purchasing process until I got the PRICE...WOW...SO I never SUBMITTED the purchase...I said NO WAY JOSE and deleted my credit card info and address, and BACKED out, then closed the browser. 2 hours later I get a notice giving me the FREE NEOVA $50.

card and how to activate it. OBVIOUSLY this was a I went to my credit card and SURE enough...a charge was pending. I disputed the charge immediately and called NONO 888-525-7580 spoke to EDITH in S california who informed me by putting in my credit card info, even if I never hit the submit button, they consider a purchase made!!! I informed her that was NOT LEGAL and I did not authorize the purchase.

She agreed to cancel and remove the charge....THIS PART IS YET TO BE PROVEN. She gave me a cancellation #... but how many people are scammed this way? and once you receive the product it's virtually impossible to return per most reviews I've read.

SO.....I cancelled something I NEVER ORDERED.

PRETTY SICK to scam people like that. All to only find the PRICE of the item.....and it's WAAAYYYY overpriced at that!!!

Reason of review: Fraud "purchase" .

No No Hair Removal Cons: Fraud charge.

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They are incredibly expensive.Nevertheless,I purchased one last year.I still have the old metal fillings{only a few} and every time I zap[ped w/the Nono,it sent arrow sof pain thru my head from the fillings! The company nurse{nono's nurse} called me,we talked,and she told me that I could get a FULL refund.And I did.Sorry your experience was so bad,,,:( mine was pretty good!


I have actually had this happen also with another "As Seen on TV" product.


This whole thing sounds iffy. There's no way anything would be charged unless you hit the submit button and that's with any website.

And most people would find out how much something costs before they enter all their personal information such as their credit card number like you're claiming.

So, yeah I call BS on your story. Nexttttt....


Hi there,

Thank you for writing in and explaining how an online shopping website works.

Best Regards,

no!no! Customer Service


It can happen I was on the uk version of the site and had to access the payment page to find a price. I then closed the browser as it froze before anything was submitted and a week later I received the no!no!

in the post. When I looked at my bank I had been charged £75. I didn't receive a confirmation email or invoice at all. So far the customer service have been very helpful.

I am just on my way to the post office to return the product I am hoping that other reviewers were wrong about actually receiving their refunds.

I shop online on a weekly basis and have never had the same issue with a frozen browser causing a sale so I am a bit skeptical about the no!no! claim that they did not use my information.


Hi there,

We're sorry to hear about your experience with no!no! and we'd like to thank you for writing in and informing us about it.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

The price of no!no! is always available on our website. If you have tried to make the purchase via, the price is located at the bottom of the homepage so there's no need for you to enter your personal information before you can see the price. Also, we'd like to inform you that we will only be charging your card if you have completed the purchase.

Providing your personal information will not trigger any order unless your have click the submit button. We understand that you didn't complete your order so we'd like to review your account and check further. Please send us an email at with your order information as well as your contact number. You may also include the cancellation number that was given to you so we can update you with the status of the cancellation request.

We are looking forward to help you with this problem.

Best Regards,

no!no! Customer Service


..."You may also include the cancellation number that was given to you so we can update you with the status of the cancellation request..."

So by saying so, you admitted that you actually charged people before they even submitted the order, or by just putting their credit card info? What a scam. Thank God I didn't fall for this.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for your feedback. Again, we do not process any credit card order if the checkout process was not completed.

Before completing any order, there is a window which will allow customers to review, modify or cancel their order. Entering billing information will not trigger any order unless the customer reviewed the order, completed the checkout process and hit the submit button.

This is how an eCommerce website works.


no!no! Customer Service

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