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I have a severe case extra hair growth all over my body..

I tried the no no hair removal system and my results were very bad and disappointing..

1. The hair did not go away at all.

2. The hair doubled and multiplied leaving ingrowns and pimples..

So my advice is if u have a serious issue of bodily hair growth that needs to be removed DO NOT USE NO NO HAIR REMOVAL. Ur problem will get worst.

Plus a real laser machine costs Nearly 100 000 dollars.. There is no way they r putting all that power in a small device costing a fraction of the price at about 300 to 400 dollars.. It's a rip off for a few 100 bucks..

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Hi there,

We're sorry to hear you had this experience with your no!no! and we are thankful you brought it to our attention.

You should start to notice the results after few treatments, for others, it may take months. However, the average period that people start to see long lasting results is around 4-6 weeks. You may also visit our website - www.howtonono.com for videos on how to use your no!no! effectively.

With regard to hair removal, nothing is permanent except electrolysis.

The no!no! works on Thermicon Technology which uses the science of heat to treat the hair. It also takes time which is why we are giving people 60 days to check if it will work for them.


no!no! Customer Service

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