Stoney Creek, Ontario
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Just saw a commercial where it showed the upper lip hair free. Don't ask me how this is possible when there are big warnings not to touch your lips and nostrils. The device is too large to do this area of the face.

I also had small blood vessels in my check break because of using No No.

I also found I had to do a lot of passes , since you have to move No No for it actually to work and it wouldn't always work unless you did it just right.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

No No Hair Removal Cons: Does not remove hair.

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Recieved my new no no yesterday the after 6 hours on charge it only stayed at one bar, put it on charge again today and its still at one bar. IT GOING STRAIGHT BACK. It came with 2 heads brush charger and buffer but when I saw your advert you also had cream and a bag, mine did not, it cost me 200 English pounds


Hello Chris1408,

We're sorry to hear that no!no! failed to meet your expected results.

How long have you used no!no!?

How many times per week do you no!no!?


can be used on the upper lip, however, the instructions should be followed to avoid any burns. We also do not recommend passing on he same area a lot of times because it can cause skin burn. no!no! works on Science and not Magic so it won't work in an instant.

You may need to use it for 2-3 times per week within 4-6 weeks to ensure product effectiveness. Thank you and I hope this information helps.

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