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Lost the Charger.

Hello i lost the Charger to my NO NO PRO Device. Is there any way i can purchase another charger? Thank You For Your Time.

1 answer
Yes you can get a replacement charger from Amazon post free

No!no! Hair remover

by TearfulBeagle

Although I have owned a no!no! for several years, I have hardly used it other than on my face.

It recently needed recharging and indicated that it was being recharged. However, when I stopped charging it, I was unable to switch the appliance back on. Could it be that the battery needs replacing? If so, could you give me instructions, please?

Many thanks. Viv Edgar

0 answers

No no hair removal

by user26485545

Do you have a similar product for male facial hair? I hate shaving!!!!

0 answers

Thermicon tip status

by user45454995

The red signal light is on and the booklet that came with it says"to replace your thermicon tip". Does this mean I need to buy a new tip?

If so could you send me the information and address. Thanks, Nancy Kantz

0 answers

No no charging

by user64454501

How do we know if no no is fully charged? Battery status light continually flashes, even after two days charging at least 8 hours each day.

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