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Product arrive at great expense. I've used it regularly with very little success.

I wish I'd never wasted my money. The reason I wanted one was because I have substantial facial hair. I saw this as a way to maintain the facial hair and avoid having to go to salons.

When I discussed my needs with one of your consultants, she recommended that I upgrade to a more expensive version (think men use it) which should solve my problem. It does remove the very fine hair on my lip and some areas but not the hairs on and around my chin which is the very reason I wanted it.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Hi there,

Thank you for choosing no!no! to help you with your facial hair problem.

We're sorry if you've had this experience in using no!no!.

Our no!no! 8800 is the best device for treating small, curved and sensitive areas (like the face, underarms, knees, elbows and bikini line). It is compatible with the Thermicon™ Tips for Small & Sensitive Areas.

If you already have bought this device, we suggest visiting our tips and tricks website - www.howtonono.com and just select your no!no! device. It has informative videos which will help you how to use your no!no!

on your chin and jaw line.


no!no! Customer Service

to nonoCustomerService Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #921867

Don't waste your money on this product -

Find a reputable licensed electrologist or find a good laser technician if you have lighter skin and dark hair. Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that can be labeled as permanent.

It takes time but it is well worth it. There is no way you can achieve permanent hair removal with a no no.

Also - the women on HSN do not have their hair facts straight.

They are just talking their sales pitch without a full knowledge of hair growth and removal.

to Maria #922467

Hi Maria,

Thanks for writing in and letting us know about your thoughts. We totally agree with you that only electrolysis is permanent and no!no!

takes time and is not permanent.

Our device promises long lasting results and slows down the process of hair growth at a cheaper price as compared to electrolysis and laser treatment. Also, laser hair removal doesn't work on all skin types. no!no! is a home device which is very comfortable, painless and easy to use.

People who have been featured on our TV ads were real customers and they have used no!no! and were satisfied with the results that they have achieved.

Hope this help.

Best Regards,

no!no! Customer Service

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