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Bought it, tried it. I could see the hair tips being burned.

Nono says a buffing pad must be used afterward for best results. The buffing pad has some sort of fine grit sandpaper or pumice type product on it. That is to remove the bits of burnt stubble left behind after a session and make the skin feel smooth. Unless burning hair externally can also burn and kill the hair root below the skin, I would suggest that this product is no different than the Nair products from the 70's.

Do the even still make chemical hair removers? my recommendation it to save your money and invest it in professional hair removal.

Reason of review: Fell for another infomercial scam.

Monetary Loss: $250.

No No Hair Removal Cons: It did not work.

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Hi there,

Thank you for writing in.

We understand your hesitation in using no!no!. Buffing is an essential part of the no!no!

treatment. It exfoliates the skin and removes crystallized, treated hair for a smooth finish. Without proper buffing, skin may feel rough and stubbly.

On the other hand, Thermicon technology uses heat to treat unwanted hair. It also sends a gentle pulse of heat to slow down hair growth.

You may not see the results in an instant however using no!no!

regularly may help in achieving a long lasting results. Should you have further questions, please let us know and we'll be happy to help you.


The Radiancy Team

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