This cheap *ss machine. I paid thirty buck for this thing.

I'm black, so you no I don't play around with my money. Shoo, I give my son fifteen buck every month, for school lunch. I tell him " Use it Wisely.", "Only buy lunch when your real hungry, boy. Cuz that's all you gettin for this month, go make your own money if you hungry, because that's your allowance to.

So you decide how split." I swear nobody wants to pack a lunch anymore. I buy all dem snack and they eat em up in two days. But anyway, to all my women, I grow hair pretty fast to ( You know how it is girls...) So I recently purchased a no no, expecting I wasn't gonna have to shave for a while. I wake up the next day, and there is more hair on my back, than when I went to bed before I shaved the night before!!!!!!!

I was pissed *** !!!!!!! So for all you hairy back out there.... Don't you dare buy that retard of a machine called no no. I cant even get through to customer services.

And if you think I'm pissed you should see my husband. He's up there right now, probably strangling the manager of the store we bought it from. I 'ma have to go and bail him out again. But I don't blame him.

I don't know how many cuts and bruises I got from that f*ckin knife. Well that's what it felt like. And didn't the commercial say that there was no blade or razor on that *** machine? Well I'm done.

Done son.

But like I said. Don't nobody go and purchase a NO NO!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Ain't nobody got time fo' that!


Not only did you convince me not to buy it , you gave me a good laugh for the morning !

Thank you!!


I was thinking the samecthing! How u gunna tell yr kid to "make yr own money if yr hungry" that's messed up.

I don't believe in spoiling yr kids but *** u need to provide the basic necessitys.

Food and clean water is the biggest one! And just so u kno a roof over there head is another incase yr telling yr child they need to pay rent to sleep in a bed as well...


Getto *** $15 a week isn't enough for 1 of my kids to get lunch. you don't really care about your kids if u did you would make dam sure they never go hungry. Wake your lazy *** up and make them a *** lunch




If you supposedly purchased this product from the company it would have been for more than $30. If that is all you paid, you paid someone else; and so the company has no responsibility to your product purchase.

Also welcome to English, learn how to type things out with a little better grammar and class. And maybe pack your kid's lunch yourself, you are after all his parent and if you don't want to pay for his lunch at school for the entire month than you should take some responsibility to do it to make sure your child has good nutrition and health.


Creepiest racist satire ever, with no helpful information on the product or company. (Slow day at SF?) Swift or Twain, you aren't.


You are the lowest class of human that's ever existed.


You so funny!


Thank you and I was recently about to purchase no no. She said " Im black so you know I dot play around with my money. :grin

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