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I am a Male, I had received my No No as a Gift from some of my Relatives. I like doing somebody building in turn I like to keep hair off of Chest, Back and Arms.

When I received My No No I was excited after seeing all of the infomercials I thought this will be Great for what I need. Then I used it and used it and used it with very little results, nothing compared to what I was led to believe the results would be.

So basically my relatives wasted $300 on a Gimmick should have known Great concept if it only worked.

Reason of review: Just didn't work plus No Case came with it from bed bath and beyond? Really..

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

No No Hair Removal Cons: Does not work effectively.

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Got my no no as a gift. And it does nothing maybe one r two hairs.

You can smell hair burning.

But I’ve gone over same spot for ten minutes and nothing but one r two hairs gone. This no no is garbage.


Maybe the unit is defective? I can see the thermo coil light up. But doesn’t remove the hair.


I bought two and was ripped off. Hurt to use and didn't take the hair off at all. Piece of ***!



Thank you for reaching out and we're sorry that no!no! didn't work as expected.

We have some questions for you for us to check how we can help you further.

a) How long did you use no!no!

b) How frequent did you use it?

c) Which Thermicon tip did you use on your chest, back and arms?

We are looking forward to talk to you soon and we want to help you get the results that you are expecting from no!no! Thank you Regards, The Radiancy Team

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