New York, New York

I had a very bad experience with no no . They are extremely uncooperative . I would not recommend them to anyone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We're sorry that you've had a bad experience with no!no! and thanks for sharing this with us.

If you can provide me more details about this problem, that would be helpful. Thanks and have a great day!


I received the No No Hair Removal system as a Christmas gift last year. I used it for about 3 months then went in for back surgery.

After using it I notice hair started growing in other places that I had not treated with the No No system. Then I went to use it again and now it doesn't work at all.

What a rip off. I am still dealing with the hair that started growing in other areas like my chin and neck that I had not treated with the No No system.

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