Toronto, Ontario
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I don't know why they still let them sell this product as it definetly does not work. Truly something should be done to get it off the market so people do not waste there hard earned cash.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thank you for your feedback and we totally understand your concern.

The product is still on the market because it works for most of the customers. We have sold over 5 million units all over the world which is the best proof that it really works, if used correctly.

If you want to know more about success stories and testimonials from people who have been satisfied with our device, you may visit our website's success stories page.

If you have purchased no!no! and it didn't work with you, please let us know so we can help you.

We're looking forward to talk to you and assist you. Thanks a lot

Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom #967356

The Nono hair remover is a load of rubbish - it doesn't work, at all. I tried it for quite a while thinking that I would get results in the end - but I did not.

Would I recommend anyone else to go through the process of trying - no, I would say don't waste your money. Buy an ordinary lady razor.

to Anonymous #968902


Thanks for writing in. I hope you'll allow us to help you with this problem.

How long have you been using no!no!?

How frequent do you no!no!?

Which part of the body are you trying to remove excess hair?

We're looking forward to talk to you. Thank you

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