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I tried to buy this for my wife and could see the scam of pricing and the pathetic runaround by customer service. After reading the reviews, I see why. So I saved my money and my wife's pain and didn't. But I also typed in "no no hair removal lawsuit" on my search engine and found multiple lawsuits pending. Here is a summery of one but not all. Let these idiots at this company try to do an *** kiss reply and weezle out of this.

Again for any one who wants to file a lawsuit against them try typing in

no no hair removal lawsuit

or gong here:

Ripped off by the no!no! Hair Removal System?

Now you can:

Get your money back.

Be eligible for more money to pay for your trouble & inconvenience.

Help other consumers not get duped.

The experienced lawyers at Aaron Levine & Associates, PLLC have the resources and skills necessary to fight your case and win. Aaron Levine & Associates


Suite 400, 1111 16th Street NW Washington, DC 20036


P: (202) 833-8040

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Thanks for writing in.

We'd like to let you know that cases filed by Aaron Levine & Associates against Radiancy Inc, the makers of no!no!, have already been dismissed. You can check the website below for your reference.

Thank you!


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