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After going over the same spot many times most hair was still there. Very occasionally a hair is shortened but rarely removed.

It looks like a few days after you've shaved. My legs have never been so hairy. The makers are very crafty, they tell you that you should use the No-No two or three times weekly for at least 6 weeks before the best results are achieved, by which time its to late to return it. You spend hours trying to make it work and from what ive read the heads probably need replacing.

Ive never spent so long trying to get rid of my hairs on my legs.

Am I glad I didn't throw my Epilator away, looks like im going to need it. Save your money !!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $140.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

No No Hair Removal Cons: Does not work.

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Hi Lilli,

We're sorry to hear that you didn't get the results that you are expecting from no!no!. We'd like to hear more about your issue so we'll know how to help you further.

We have some questions for you and you may just send us a private message with your answers.

a) How frequently are you using your no!no!?

b) in which areas of the body are you trying to remove hair?

Also, our recommendation is to use this for 6 weeks which is 42 days in order to see the results. This is still within the 60-day triple money back guarantee that we are offering.

We are looking forward to talk to you soon and help you achieve the results.

Best Regards, no!no! Customer Service

to nonoCustomerService Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom #960094

I am a laser trained nurse. I know for a FACT that your product would not work- and you have the audacity to imply it works on all hair colourings and skin types!

If you have even the basic knowledge of how light/laser works on hair and skin, you'd know what you are stating is absolute rubbish. You are Scammers.

to carwil #968948

Hi carwil,

We appreciate your feedback.

Have you tried using no!no! for yourself?

If not, we suggest you try it and check it yourself if it really works on all hair colors and skin types.

no!no! helps those customers who want to remove unwanted hair using a cheaper, safer and painless method - Thermicon Technology. We have clinical trials and positive feedback from dermatologists and users who can prove that no!no! works.

If you need to see it, please visit

If you have further questions, please let us know. Thank you

to nonoCustomerService London, England, United Kingdom #962292

Since I posted my complaints about No-No its totally cracked up. The digital reading on the front is flashing and cutting out and if you try to use it the red light comes on immediately.

This is the second device ive had. Luckily it was bought from Boots who upon seeing it have offered to replace the item or refund the cost. As this one is only 6 months old ive opted for the latter. I cannot remember a worst product !

Like I said before I'm so glad that I didn't throw my Epilator away, at least it works.

to lilli #980187

We're sorry to hear about it. It's also good to know that Boots has refunded your purchase.

We assure you that we are implementing very strict quality when manufacturing these devices.

This is an isolated case and we'd like to apologize for that. Thank you

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