Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
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Don't buy this product. It does not work...Period.

Not at all. You go over and over the same area and might remove 1 out of 10 hairs if you're lucky. And they grow back over and over and over. THEY DON'T GO AWAY AT ALL.

You end up being overcharged and never receive the full refund that is so clearly stated in the infomercials. TO SUM IT UP.....THIS PRODUCT IS GARBAGE AND UNLESS YOU WOULDN'T MIND THROWING $341.00, US funds, IN THE GARBAGE CAN then by all means send them your money.

Please keep your money in your pocket. Don't donate it to this company.

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I am so glad I read these comments. Yes they make it very easy to remove the unwanted hair. What a piece of ***


I have had the NO NO for 2 years and this product DOES NOT WORK. I am very upset and lost all this money.

I use it everyday hoping that something would happen.

All it does is burn off fine hair if at all,any coarse hair's stays. So if you have stubble you are wasting your time and money.

On top of this there is a band and it broke and I had to buy a waranty for them to replace the NO NO.

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