NO No only removes baby fine hairs. Does not remove coarser chin hairs (women).

You have to go over and over each area just to remove peach fuzz. Very disappointed in NO NO as the advertising led me to believe it was the answer to my problems. A real let down when you realize you purchased a piece of junk. There is also a burning hair smell as it passes over the hair.

Smell and hair still there. The unit does not run smoothly over the skin like the ads.

Instead it goes on and off when you go over the chin hairs. The lower jaw isn't a clean sweep like an arm so it is very ineffective for the chin area.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thank you for sharing your no!no! experience with us and we're sorry to hear that you didn't get your expected results.

We have some questions for you so we can check how we can help you further.

a) How long have you been using no!no!?

b) How frequent do you use it?

We're looking forward to talk to you soon and help you achieve the results from no!no!

Thank you and have a nice day! Regards, The Radiancy Team

to nonoCustomerService #1012183

Hi, I also use mine on the chin, It must be the hardest area to use the no no pro on. I have kept on trying every 2 to 3 days and I'm just starting to get a bit more braver with it and adding a bit more pressure so that the blue light stays on, it's taken me 60 days but I finally feel like I have mastered the technique! So I'm keeping mine and hoping I might see results soon, if it flickers off and on all the time it won't be doing anything

to Anonymous #1013259


Thanks for sharing your no!no! story and we appreciate your patience towards achieving the results that you are expecting.

I'm glad to know that you have already mastered the technique.

The face, especially the chin, is the hardest part to use the no!no! because of it's not flat. This is also the reason why it flickers on and off. However, we have some tips and tricks which you can use.

You can just visit www.howtonono.com to check for these tips and tricks. Thank you

All the Best,

The Radiancy Team

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