Virginia Beach, Virginia

I swear if you do ima get you. I hope you don't like livin, cuz yo must not if you purchase a nono that's all I have to say.

and when u kill I don't look in the eyes so I don't hurt me none the least. don't say I didn warn you cuz I will say it dead in your face. ha dead get ot?

cuz that's what you will be d I here you bought no no. andtrust me I know people so I will find out who you are so don't think im fronting and you be tryin to front either they say I need 100 *** words at least

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oh look, I see the grammar and punctuation fairies missed you. Why don't you delete this rant that is about absolutely nothing you little troll and try this again.

And by "try again", I mean don't, just don't.


You don't scare me, loony tunes.

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