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I was told by a no no rep that you have to use it everyday to see results. I told her I've been using it everyday for almost three years and the only change I've noticed is that some of my facial hairs tweeze easier.

Those ads for this device are deceptive. I have never seen a reduction in hair growth let alone the hair coming off like they present it on TV. Mine is broken and they say it can't be repaired after two years of usage. Just as well.

Apparently I've been wasting my time.

Will I reorder it? NO NO

Product or Service Mentioned: No No Hair Removal Hair Remover.

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Hi there,

We are so sorry to hear your experience with no!no! wasn't what you have expected.

In order for us to determine what went wrong with your no!no!

experience, we'd like to ask some questions.

a) Did you have "stubble" when you used your device?

b) How often do you replace the tips?

c) How often do you use your tweezers while nono'ing? I hope you can get back to us with your answers as we are very much willing to help you achieve the best result. We appreciate you using no!no! for almost 3 years and we only want the best for you.

Please send us an email at cs@trynono.com with your answers along with your order details and contact information. We will also be reviewing your account and see if we can assist you with the warranty exchange.

Sincerely, no!no! Customer Service

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