San Diego, California

We thought the total cost for the NoNo was $104 which we were billed. There is no indication of the total cost of the unit is over $270.

We saw a second and third billing on our credit card and called to find out the total cost. In reviewing your web site, it refers to a 3 pay which does not explain that the total cost will be in three monthly charges on our credit card. Had we known the cost was so expensive, We would not have purchased this item. You need to post the total cost in your advertising page.

A very disappointed customer.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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Carlsbad, California, United States #771076

Very deceptive! You can't find out the price of the device without entering all of your information and putting one in your cart. Whenever I see this, I won't do it, but since a local radio personality has been pushing it, I went ahead. I did see a box come up that was triple the price and said "heck no" and exited the website. Imagine my surprise when my credit card was charged for two devices (I had viewed different colors) and they showed up on my front doorstep.

I called the company and told them that while I viewed their deceptive website, I did not process the order and that they fraudulently billed my credit card. I got the whole script about trying it for 60 days, blah, blah, blah and had to get very firm about sending me a return address label, which they did.

I finally received my refund, which was short $14.95. I called and was told that was the was the shipping cost for sending it out to me. I went through the whole story again about how I didn't order it in the first place, so I need my ALL of my money back. Jordan *382, was very polite and helpful...didn't give me all of the "song and dance" and said that this would go to accounting who reviews it in about 24 hours and should credit back my account. We'll see.

All in all, it's been a hassle that I don't need. If you really want one, go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. NEVER trust a website that won't reveal the cost/information that you need without requiring that you enter your information. That's a BIG RED FLAG that I already knew about, but I went ahead because of the radio personality. I will be letting her know!

United, Pennsylvania, United States #743824

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