Waterloo, Ontario
Not resolved

have recharged and bought new heads, is there something else that i can check, have read instructions, and done everything asked. when on on, a light does come on, but does not make the blades work.

what am i doing wrong, if someone can help me, i would appreciate it.

why do i need to write at least 80 words, i think i have described my problem in less than 80 words, enough for anyone to understand am not pissed off with product, but pissed that i can't get it to work. having a hard time getting through.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: need solution to problem.

No No Hair Removal Pros: That the hair was softer as it grew back.

No No Hair Removal Cons: Does not work effectively.

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Thanks for writing in and we appreciate taking your time to share this problem.

If you have bought this from our website or from an authorized retailer, you may just get in touch with our Customer Service at 888- 525-7580

Customer Support Hours of Operation are

Monday through Friday from 6am – 6pm (PST)

Saturday from 7am – 1pm (PST)

Please give them a call since they're the only one who can help you with this problem. Thanks and have a great one.


I LOVE the "why do I need to write 80 words?" Lmaooo

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