Perth, Western Australia
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Purchased my no no from shaver shop worked till the battery went flat .. tried to recharge with charger supplied battery stayed flat took it back to shaver shop was told I had over charged battery and the warranty doesn't cover overcharging.

I have since searched for new battery pack they don't seem to be available.

I wouldn't recommend the no no to anyone. You would think that any company selling battery powered products should be able to supply spare batteries at a price at least less then one third of the original purchase price.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $369.

Preferred solution: take the product off the shelf and stop ripping customers off..

No No Hair Removal Cons: Customer service.

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used once and will not recharge..............what am I supposed to do now?


Bought no no pro as present for my wife. Used twice, battery now does not hold charge. What utter rubbish, customer service no help.


Paid $250 plus tax and shipping from HSN, didn't use a lot but mine died also. I guess just throw it away.


I have just repaired my wife's one. Bought a battery from ebay for around £15, had to adapt the wiring but it fits and works.

Hope this helps you all out.

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Same here in England , worked once now battery won't charge, it is a sealed unit so battery cannot be replaced, rip off , shows it charging but as soon as it is unplugged it won't switch on


Same problem what a waste of money I don’t have that kind of money to just throw away


Must be a fault with them . Mine is the same.


I also have a no no. Gauge says its charging but as soon as taken off charger it's dead.

@Jessy roberts

Mine also. Not happy!!!


Mines the same no charge but only been used a few times


Has anyone tried replacing the thermotip, I was suffering the thing and it works now I changed the tip.


i agree mines the same, very unhappy


Actually same exact thing happened to me almost to the date!!! It wasn't actually a good product even with peach fuzz!!!!


No No Pro! battery is awful.

It doesn't charge and now useless. I don't recommend.


Same thing happened warranty elapsed hardly been used wouldn't recomend to anyone.


I have the same problem though I have been possessing it for over a year (Yes!! warranty period lapsed) and I charged it as normal and it didn't turn on afterwards and likely I have to send it to landfill without a second option. They don't have repair or any post-sale customer service help.


Years ago, my battery stopped working too. By the time I got around to calling No No, they said send it in and they would replace the battery.

I finally received it back and it still never worked. I don't think they did anything to it!

I threw it in a drawer. That was a $400 waste!


Ask the shop attendant to research their electrical knowledge. The battery charges exponentially and if the correct charger was used you will not over charge, the electrons have a stand-off and current stops flowing.

See an electronic/electrical expert and take the item to the shop for a refund. I've just bought a no no skin with a flat battery, I was aware of this, I am looking around for a rechargeable pack, battery pack has number the looks like 8J09-10-1024 on it. The case opens like a phone, no screws, and the pack is stuck to the case. You have to be careful separating the battery from the case and taking the cover apart.

Use a plastic plectrum like tool and the top where the button is located can be prized away and released from the clips holding the item together. Battery pack probably made in China, trying alibaba and others, no luck yet.


Did you ever have any luck with source for battery?

I can only find them as min order 1000 pieces from China


I'd also like to know