9 of 9 Niteflirt reviews has been playing games with their flirts positioning supposedly based on LVS (no one knows how Niteflirt computes the LVS - it is obvious to everyone involed that they manually place people where they want them to be - not based on performance.) This started 9 weeks ago when there was a major shakeup concerning LVS when people on the lst pages of categories where placed way back in the pack and new flirts with hardly any ratings and some with 4 star ratings where randomly placed on the lst pages ahead of the people with 5 star ratings.After having to work our way back to the lst page once again, LVS was once again shaken up on Friday 19 Oct and it took some of us almost an entire week to regain positioning on the lst page again.

Well, what happened this morning? Niteflirt juggled the LVS again and we were replaced with others that were behind us yet again and we were put back in the pack again. The flirts on Niteflirt are independent business owners that pay Niteflirt to use their platform to house their business. We pay them fees to do this on every call.

We do not pay them to mess with our business and by being placed in the back continuously has impacted on our income.

Does anyone know of any legal recourse we may have to stop this unfair juggling of the LVS???

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Sep 27, 2016 #1219318 New Port Richey, Florida, United States

You probably have no legal recourse whatsoever. NiteFlirt merely supplies the platform and takes a cut of what you are earning. They don't promise you anything. I worked for Airbnb and it was the same situation, which I am not saying is bad, I'm just clarifying the set-up. Hosts that want to make money from offering their rooms/homes, etc to traveling guests use the Airbnb platform. They don't pay a fee to use it, nor are they considered to be employees of Airbnb. If it works well, then great. If not, then they don't owe someone anything for using their website to advertise their offerings.

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Oct 19, 2015 #1050494

Niteflirt is run by a known scammer named Ebbe Altberg who used to be boss there. Ebbe Altberg is now boss at Linden Lab a virtual world company that runs Second Life and Blocksworld which is a world for little kids.
This scammer doesn't care first a *** line and now a little kids game where parents have to let their children play the game run by this *** *** guy Ebbe Altberg
He calls himself Ebbe Linden now and is scamming people in virtual world of Second Life
This is all very nasty first scamming people who *** and now with video games.
Stay away from Niteflirt and Ebbe Altberg

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Sweet Phoebe

Apr 18, 2015 #973673

I am a niteflirt girl. Sweet Phoebe and my pro is real. I am working hard to do it right and not be one of the fakes. My pics and vids are 100% me.

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Jan 24, 2016 #1100289

Free marketing! You are a genius!

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Feb 02, 2015 #940161

*** got ripped off by banker goddess, bought her mp3s just to realize that she is a 80 years old hag
How the *** does she have 3000stars??
Why can her pictures be found on google using google magic eye?
Niteflirt is such a scam, the whole site, these profiles are made by niteflirt itself.
Will never buy from niteflirt again until they force a verification picture or video.
Too many models are being ripped off.

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Feb 23, 2016 #1116314

angry wankerloser

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May 10, 2014 #813759

people pay to be on the front pages of nf. it has nothing to do with skill, or lvs.

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Apr 07, 2013 #634062 Los Angeles, California, United States

Night Flirt is using Fake profiles. THEY USE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL OF REAL MODELS FROM OTHER SITES TO GAIN TRAFFIC. I SWORE UNDER UNITED FANS OF MELUSTYA THAT THIS PROFILE IS NOT MINE OR SET UP BY ME. THEY ARE FALSE ADVERTISING. LAWSUIT. There are other profiles as well that my lawyer said dont speak of so dont remove fake profiles so we can prove. I taken screen shots for evidence. Any real fine models WOULD NEVER USE THIS SITE. I AM TOP MODEL ON OTHER SITES THEY TOOK MY PHOTOS FROM. AS WELL AS MY OWN SITES.

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May 10, 2014 #813760

you should check with the photographer who took your pictures. most content models sign an agreement and the photog sells those photos.

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Feb 02, 2015 #940164

ROLF, the photographer???
You mean the one taking selfies of hot girls with a potato?
PHOTOGRAPHER? are you kidding me?
Niteflirt is a scam, so many fake profiles...
Im pretty sure they hire girls to answer the call, wouldnt be suprise to find the same ugly voice on someone else's profile.

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Jan 01, 2013 #588109 Houston, Texas, United States

No one can argue that Niteflirt is one of the best services, if not the best, services to work for in this industry. However, the complaint if valid.
Niteflirt and it's holdings have call centers. Those call center listings are also given top spots often charging only .99 cents a minute. Additionally, there are flirts who are programmers who can manipulate LVS and put their employees in unearned positions.
I make a living on the NF platform but have suffered some monetary loss due to it's faulty (new issue) telephony platform. YOU MUST LOOK ELSEWHERE at this point to earn your money and to keep your business thriving.
There ARE alternatives. I do not mean other platforms as 2 of them, phoneencounters (has been abandoned by it's Asian overseas owners) and TalkSugar which is useless anymore because the owner was/is such a *** that he has so many angry PSO's, and many folks have created virus laden sites to *** of customer's or potential customers. No one should work for that guy.
Anyway, NF has never abused me verbally, stolen my money or ignored my valid complaints. They are professional in that manner.
You must look for alternative platforms now! NF is doing something...don't know exactly what yet, but it is negatively affecting it's PSO's who have carried them for years and the site is losing customers by the bucket load.
Good luck!
Oh, and anyone who chooses to complain in a proper manner without vulgar useless
... Show more

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Dec 21, 2012 #585176

You can always go elsewhere. I believe everything you just said, but yet I cant help but laugh at how whiny you sound. Always have an alternative and no one company can *** with you.

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Fed-up Flirt

Dec 25, 2012 #585934

@annonymous You sound like the owner. Or one of the many *** kissers of niteflirt who love to pay them for a broken service. is scamming flirts who work on their platform. They are suppose to supply contractors who work on their system with a properly working platform, they don't. Their system has not worked properly for the past 3 and a half years, yet, they a re still charging flirts connect fees, etc., even if the call does not connect correctly. We need to file a class action lawsuit against niteflirt for failing to hold up their part of the agreement.

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Mar 06, 2013 #618893

Hey fed up flirt,I would love to know who the *** you are..if you dont like NF go elsewhere and work,I have worked there for over 3 years and have never had a problem,they have always charged us connect fees and you knew that when you signed up 3 years ago for you to come on a public platform and bash the company you work for is kinda dumb in my opinion..

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Sep 08, 2014 #867528

I agree N. Lee I have worked there for over 5 years and it seems the only ones I see complaining so much are the ones who are washed up and try to blame niteflirt for the reason no one wants to call them anymore .Every year I work there I have good increases in income . I hear a lot of complaints about the phone system there which really makes me laugh because less than 20% of the call connectivity is on niteflirts end . So this tells me that a lot of the flirts or customers have cheap phones or bad telephone network . I see it posted again and again about flirts complaining the connection and that they have a land line but then when they state their carrier it is a voip or internet company supplying the phone service .

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