Castle Rock, Colorado
Not resolved

After finding out my brothers and my account was closed I received the following email:

Hi there,

Thanks for following up on this. Your accounts have been suspended because duplicate accounts are never allowed. Your account that go by the name of "David" and/or "JD" Yates are what I'm referring to.

One of the goals of Nextdoor is to create a safe, trusted environment where real life neighbors can connect with one another. We believe that when members use their real names, it builds trust and accountability and leads to more useful information sharing. For that reason, we require our members to use their real first and last name.

The easiest way to verify your registered name is to send us a copy of a legal form of identification such as your driver's license, passport, or other government issued ID. You can reply to this email and include your scanned identification as an attachment or you can fax it to us at (415) 488-5949.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I did respond to this with saying that if my brother and I are forced to produce ID's then it should have been part of the login process. But because of the consistent harassment my brother endured and along with having half of his head under a piece of steel (wounded in combat) that many times the words eluded that he was an idiot. I found him just in time and got him to the VA Hospital in time. This was a direct result by the insults and harassment by Cathy Brady and Ken Rost. It's nice to see that Colorado has a law about this kind of harassment.

Reason of review: Harassmentof my brother.

Nextdoor Cons: Total lack of privacy on said website, Posting of personnal addresses and phone numbers, Bullying harassment by moderators like cathy brady and ken rost, Lack of respect toward disabled veterans, Huge egos shown by moderators.

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Data mining at its finest and great source to monitor users, their posts, feedback, interests, where you are and when... Little scary wrapped in what would be a great neighborhood resource...

If it was not developed purely based on making money and gathering our information...

It should be illegal for them to even offer such services the way they do without being honest in their intentions... Pure ***


you get what you pay for no freeeeeeee lunch no freeeeeeee lunch

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