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Today I posted a comment that a Joseph Dix (he says he's a moderator) felt was threatening/retaliating. The post was ding *** ditching and he wanted to post pictures of the comment was remember they can post pictures of your stuff too and it should be ok too.

(Common sense? Just like he can take some so can they) It took several messages before he said he was a moderator and kept saying I need to clarify a threatening retaliatory post. I had no idea what he was talking about until he copied my post and I asked where the threat was. Bottom line, they have your address and anyone can come to your home.

Moderators can feel important and want to go after someone who didnt say their post is the best. I told him several times that he was scaring me and I felt nervous, he still didnt say, hey that's not my intent and then give a blurb about him and the issue. He flagged my be careful comment, I received some scary messages about this thread he can continue to harrass people over comments he doesn't like.

I have deactivated my account. No one should risk their or their family's safety like I so stupidly did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextdoor Website.

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