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Lately when I try to respond or even click to respond to a Nextdoor news update/post I get the following message: "400 Bad Request" "Request Header Or Cookie Too Large" "nginx" What is the deal here?


Why is it that when I login to NextDoor that I always having to choose Business and/or Individual to get in? Sign Frustrated


blocking someone using PM to harass

One of the nextdoor members in my neighborhood (Epperly Heights in Del City, Oklahoma) asked me how to block someone who is harassing her via PM. I did not know the answer.

I am on nextdoor frequently as a resident and an Officer with our Neighborhood Watch Association EHNWA.

How do I answer her. Dorothy Rimbold, EHNWA Secretary mobile 405-831-7860


Why isthe email and parent websites not working?

See subject. That is my question.



I would like to request help with re-establishing my account with Nextdoor. Have been off for a year. Thank you


cannot connect to items in email

why do I keep getting sent to an error code every time I try to read items in emails I receive from nextdoor digest ??? this is sooo frustrating !!!


Can't view the topics.

I have reported this several times to you and there has been no reply or fix. This is what I keep getting: Hmmm...can’t reach this page Try this •Make sure you’ve got the right web address: •Search for "" on Bing •Refresh the page Details None of the TRY THIS works.

What is the problem? This has been ongoing for 3 weeks.


can't open any of the comments

All of a sudden, after I get a email with Nextdoor digest and try to open the topic, it won't allow me to open it to reply or read the comment entirely. It keeps saying unavailable, try bing.

Didn't work. How to I correct this problem?


No access

Is Next Door site down because of fires? I have not ben able to log in. Ginger Alvarez (Lead)


Nextdoor notices

Noticed weeks ago that I have not been receiving nextdoor notices at all. Tried to reinstate my account, but was unsuccessful.

My husband's account is still active. Any suggestions?


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