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Some background: A Lead is a member that has been noted as contributing or a founding member of a Neighborhood, a Nextdoor community, typically created by inviting several neighbors to the website. Leads are meant to help stem the flow of trolls.

The only tools Leads have is to remove posts from their own neighborhood (and posts that show up in the moderation queue once enough Leads voted) and sometimes that doesn't even work. Meanwhile trolls are permitted to continue to harass and threaten in the larger multi-neighborhood feed, which is the most visible. Nextdoor claims a Profile Report feature can be used, but the response time is absolutely unacceptable (24-48 hours, sometimes longer), and the admins that review these posts are sometimes just as rude and arrogant as the trolls themselves. Meanwhile, the trolls that get reported can run unfettered, continuously threatening and harassing members that dare stand up against them.

The trolls recognize that the Leads that got pushed into the position of moderating the postings have virtually zero ability to stop them, and can be banned for any reaction towards to constant onslaught of harassment, threats of violence/property damage, and vile verbal attacks towards family members.

I submitted a complaint as a Lead toward a group of trolls that was allowed to run unfettered for multiple days and was subsequently banned for "public shaming" , for simply asking the worst of the trolls to behave themselves and reminding them of the rules they agreed to upon joining Nextdoor. This ban was given without official notification. I had been moderating on Nextdoor for years at this point. I had to email Nextdoor Support to find out that I had been banned with zero appeal process.

They claim it was because I violated their "public shaming" policy for asking the users (trolls) to behave with a modicum of respect.

Instead of apologizing for an extremely poor experience on their website, they blamed the victim. This is absolutely unacceptable. Nextdoor does not give the leads the tools that they need to police the neighborhoods they helped create.

Nextdoor has several complaints of this nature in their National Leads Forum and my story is far from being the only one. I have given Nextdoor an opportunity to apologize and correct their serious error, but it will not be open indefinitely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nextdoor Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full public apology from Nextdoor, reinstatement of account, punishment for employees that mistreated me as a long standing member of the community. Improve tools for Leads to lock/pause threads that get out of hand..

Nextdoor Pros: I could stay in touch with neighbors.

Nextdoor Cons: Harassment and bullying, Lack of loyalty support for long time members, Unprofessional and disrespectful customer service, No phone support, Lack of tools and support for volunteer leads.

  • Nextdoor Does Not Support Leads
  • Harassment And Threats Of Violenc
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Every word here is true. Many of my neighbors and friends left Nextdoor for Facebook.

Give it a year or so and Nextdoor will end up in the wasteland of social media. Very few people, in my neighborhood anyway, tolerate it anymore. Nextdoor by doing nothing is obliterating itself. In another year or two it will be obsolete.

Another similar app is testing the waters in other cities and will soon be available nationwide. If it's a better app, so long Nextdoor.




Yes I found out the hard way that not only are trolls ruining the site it is full of nefarious members.This supposed member sent me a message at midnight on Christmas Eve with a stupid gotcha comment A google search of this woman shows she is nothing more than a scam artist She has tens of aliases,addresses,jobs listed that do not exist etc etc etc.She doesn’t even live in our neighborhood yet she wakes me up at midnight She has no FB and after much digging she is a black woman who was race baiting a nice comment we all made about a white man she was profiling as a would be robber.Beware!There are far more than trolls on these boards I closed mine forever.Decided not to deal with the Leads which would only open me up more to this sicko woman.Your information is not safe and they blame all the drug addicts for the theft but these scammers are phishing as I was phished less than 24 hours after this wacko emailed me.If you value what you have STAY AWAY from Nextdoor

@Anne Pike

Data mining at its finest and great source to monitor users, their posts, feedback, interests, where you are and when... Little scary wrapped in what would be a great neighborhood resource...

If it was not developed purely based on making money and gathering our information...

It should be illegal for them to even offer such services the way they do without being honest in their intentions... Pure ***


Hey man, I have just learned the exact same lesson you outlined for Leads. Having been an early adopter in our community, a long-time volunteer and HOA Board member, as well as helping grow our ND membership from fewer than 200 members to over 2,700 users, I felt very bad to learn that my e-mail account is no longer valid to use for logging onto ND.

The trolls began when a new person arrived in the community, apparently with lots of baggage from previous neighborhoods from which the person was evicted. Things began to go sour very quickly, with repetitive inflammatory claims of racism, misogyny and censorship. The few folks (who had always been negative and nasty with other neighbors since they joined) quickly jumped on board this new person and together they unleashed literally months of divisive and slanderous commentary. After having reported this group of folks to the ND admins on a number of occasions, I apparently became the culprit for what was troubling our neighborhood and have been summarily ejected.

Just goes to show that no good deeds ever go unpunished. :^ (